10 Poles Inner Bonded NdFeB Magnetic Ring for Fan Motor

/10 Poles Inner Bonded NdFeB Magnetic Ring for Fan Motor
  • 10 Poles Inner Bonded NdFeB Magnetic Ring for Fan Motor
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  • 10 Poles Inner Bonded NdFeB Magnetic Ring for Fan Motor, Ring Shape Radial Internal Magnetization Magnet, Black Epoxy Plated Multipole Ring Bonded Magnets, 10-Poles Radial Bonded Motor & Rotor Permanent Magents, bonding NdFeB rings China supplier

    10 Poles Inner Bonded NdFeB Magnetic Ring for Fan Motor Features
    Magnet material: bonded ndfeb
    Surface coating: Black Epoxy
    fan motor magnetic ring bonded ndfeb inner charge 10 pole magnetic ring
    Brand: MPCO magnet
    Magnet specification: D56*d53*14 (available in 2 heights, D56*d53*10)
    Magnetization mode: radial inner 10 pole
    Magnetic meter: the magnetic meter is about 1100gs.
    Supporting samples: yes
    If you are interested in this product, please contact us to provide samples or quotations.
    MPCO motor magnet factory specializes in custom-made supply of bonded NdFeB magnetic ring, filled with multi pole magnetic steel, hall induction magnetic ring, there are many molds.

    How many magnetic poles can bonded NdFeB be divided into?
    Since joined the strong magnet processing manufacturer MPCO, I have encountered too many bonded NdFeB customers, they requested the number of poles are also different, as few as 2 poles, and more than 100 poles, which can be magnetized according to customers’requirements. And it mainly depends on the size of the magnet. The larger specification, the more number of poles that can be divided. So how many poles can the bonded NdFeB magnet be divided? There is no fixed answer.

    Introduction of bonded NdFeB magnets
    The magnetic properties of bonded NdFeB are lower than sintered NdFeB, but it can be made into magnets with high precision and complex shape. The raw material of bonded Nd-Fe-B is composed of rare earth magnetic powder and resin. It is compressed and formed by a press without magnetic field arrangement. Therefore, the direction of magnetic force is not limited. It can make inner diameter, outer diameter, upper and lower pole magnetization according to the needs of the design. It is one of the indispensable magnetic components for superior products such as light, thin and short. In order to delay oxidation corrosion, epoxy resin is used for surface treatment, with gray and black colors. The size precision of bonded magnet is very high, it can be made into relatively complex magnetic components, and it has the characteristics of one-time forming, multipole orientation and so on. The shaping of polarity is very elastic.

    What shapes can be made by bonding NdFeB?
    The shape of bonded NdFeB can be divided into: tile type (motor magnetic tile), cylinder, ring type (ring magnet), special-shaped bonded magnet, etc.

    What are the magnetizing methods of bonded NdFeB?
    The magnetization methods of bonded NdFeB can be divided into: thickness magnetization, radial multipole magnetization (external or internal), radiation magnetization (radiation ring), plane multipole magnetization, paired magnetization (tile magnet), radiation ring oblique magnetization, etc.  8 Poles Ring Shape Radial Internal Magnetization Magnet

    What are the physical properties of bonded NdFeB?
    Density of bonded NdFeB: 5.8-6.2g/cm3
    Curie temperature of bonded NdFeB: 310-340 ℃
    Hardness of bonded NdFeB: 80-120hv
    Resistivity of bonded NdFeB: 0.026 Ω. Cm
    Compressive strength of bonded NdFeB: 3kgf / Mn2
    Compressive bending of bonded NdFeB: 25kg / Mn


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