12000 Gauss Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Rods

/12000 Gauss Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Rods
  • 12000 Gauss Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Rods
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  • 12000 Gauss Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Rods, Food Industry Grade Size Options Available Stainless Steel Filter Bar Magnet, powerful SS304/SS316 tube neodymium magnets

    12000 Gauss Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Rods Parameters:
    Shape: Rod
    Magnetic Face: 25mm dia
    Thickness: 150mm
    Grade: N42
    Plating: S’Steel
    Material: NdFeB
    Performance (Gauss): 12000
    Max Temp (degrees C): 80
    Fixing: M8 x 10mm thread

    12,000 Gauss.
    25mm diameter x 150mm length.
    +/-0.1mm tolerance.
    Neodymium N42 magnets encased in stainless steel.
    M8 thread, 10mm deep at each end.
    Easy installation.
    Custom design and manufacturing available.

    Magnetic Tube,Magnetic Filter Tube may apply in medicines, sanitation, textile, machinery and foodstuffs. The filer will attract iron/steel substances away from liquids, from among grains or powders.

    Remove ferrous particles before coolant flows through filter bag to greatly extend life of filter bag
    External stainless steel sleeve is removed for easy cleaning of magnet
    Powerful rare earth magnets
    Neoprene bumpers on ends of magnet protect filter bag from damage—Simply place magnet inside filter bag, no installation hardware required.

    These magnetic filter rods are used for continuous removal of ferrous debris, ensuring product purity and subsequently protect the processing equipment downstream which otherwise may be damaged causing costly repairs. Car Vehicle Wrap Magnetic Sign Gripper

    Made from rare earth magnets; strongest and most effective at attracting even the smallest particles of ferrous material. Easy to install into existing machinery or assembly line; providing simple yet effective solution to product contamination.Magnetic Filter Rod Assembly for Oil Industrial
    To ensure optimum performance, clean the rods periodically, manually removing the ferrous material attached.
    The magnetic filter rods are available in various sizes and pack quantities. MPCO offer custom design and manufacturing service for difficult applications where standard shapes and sizes will not work.

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