120mm Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Bar for Experiments

/120mm Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Bar for Experiments
  • 120mm Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Bar for Experiments
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    120mm Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Bar for Experiments Specification:
    Part No.: MPFBM-05
    Material: Hard Ferrite / Ceramic
    Shape: Bar (Block)
    Grades: Y30 / Y35
    Color: custom / red-green / red-blue / No or pure color
    Application: School Educations Tool / Kids Toy

    Two 120x22x10mm bar magnets were placed in contact with opposing poles (N:N). They were released and the repulsion distance was measured. The average of 5 trials is 52mm or slightly more than 2 inches. See video below.

    The 120mm (5″) bar magnet is great for experiments with iron filings, compasses or paperclips only ;
    This is the ideal child safe magnet. Strong enough to pick up paper clips or do repulsion attraction but not so strong they snap together & break kids’ fingers.
    Bought ferrite bar magnets from Amazon that can’t pick up more than a couple of paper clips? Magnet Experiments for Kids-ours can pick up lots. Great accessories for these magnets include this simple iron filings viewer.

    Use for repulsion-attraction
    Will not demagnetize when pushed together
    Stamped “N” & “S” & painted red & blue respectively
    Paint is guaranteed lead & heavy metal free
    Will pick up minimum of 20 uncoated paperclips
    Note (1): Ferrite bars are fragile/brittle. Do not drop on hard floors.
    Note (2): Ferrite bars are relatively weak & will not magnetize nails or pins. Stronger magnets such as Nd or Alnico are best for this application.

    Uses for our Ceramic North-South Bar:
    Our Ceramic north-south bar magnets are made of a Ceramic magnet coated in red paint. Each bar is rectangular in shape and is axially magnetized (through length). On each end of the north-south bar is a marked north and south pole allowing easy identification of each pole. Stamped “N” & “S” Painted Red & Nlue Bar Ferrite Magnet

    This small magnet makes it possible to identify the poles of a magnet. Use the north-south ends, just place on the magnet and see where it points to! This makes these bars ideal for educational purposes being able to teach about the poles of a magnet. These are available in two different sizes our popular large north-south bar and our small north-south bar. Strontium Ferrite North South Bar Magnets, 75mm Blue & Red Painted Bar Permanent Magnet Ferrite for Kids

    We usually paint Ferrite educational magnet in no color, red-green or red-blue, or we combine them with other material such as metal and plastic. Meantime, these products comply with the international safety standards.

    This pair of bar magnets is polarized on the narrow ends and effective in traditional, simple experiments with magnetism and electro-magnetic induction using coils. Beware of other magnets for sale on the Internet that appear to be a traditional bar, but whose poles are on the long side of the bar and not the narrow ends.

    Material Iso/
    Remanence Coercivity Intrinsic Coercivity Max Energy product
    Br(mT) Br(Gs) bHc(KA/m) bHc(Oe) iHc(KA/m) iHc(Oe) (BH)max(KJ/m 3 ) (BH)max(MGOe)
    Isotropic ≥200 ≥2000 ≥125 ≥1600 ≥210 ≥2600 ≥6.5 ≥0.8
    Y20 Anisotropic ≥360 ≥3600 ≥135 ≥1700 ≥140 ≥1760 ≥20.0 ≥2.5
    Y25 Anisotropic ≥380 ≥3800 ≥144 ≥1800 ≥150 ≥1880 ≥24.0 ≥3.0
    Anisotropic ≥390 ≥3900 ≥184 ≥2300 ≥188 ≥2350 ≥27.6 ≥3.4
    Anisotropic ≥390 ≥3900 ≥240 ≥3000 ≥256 ≥3200 ≥27.6 ≥3.4
    Anisotropic ≥410 ≥4100 ≥208 ≥2600 ≥212 ≥2660 ≥30.4 ≥3.8
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