13000-15000 Gauss Fishing Neodymium Magnetic Bar Rod

/13000-15000 Gauss Fishing Neodymium Magnetic Bar Rod
  • 13000-15000 Gauss Fishing Neodymium Magnetic Bar Rod
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    13000-15000 Gauss Fishing Neodymium Magnetic Bar Rod Specification

    Product Name: stainless steel fishing strong magnetic rod
    Material: NdFeB
    Product specification: round high intensity magnet
    Product surface magnetism: (8000 / 1000012000) Gauss
    Magnetization direction: thickness magnetization (NS poles are respectively distributed on the thickness)
    Working temperature: up to 80 ℃ (room temperature never degaussing)
    Product features: hard and brittle, fragile (do not bump, do not fall)
    Transition layer process: nickel copper nickel (three-layer electroplating, anti rust and anti-corrosion)

    The working environment of magnetic filter bar requires a certain degree of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and, in some cases, a high magnetic induction. This can be achieved by using different thicknesses of magnetic conductive sheet.

    The surface magnetic induction of a magnetic filter bar is proportional to the size of the smallest particles that can be absorbed. In other areas, a lower one can be used.

    When the magnet filter bar is in contact with the fluid, there is an irreversible loss of internal magnetic energy, if the loss exceeds 30% of the initial strength or if the surface of the wrapped iron or stainless steel tube is worn and broken, the bar needs to be replaced. This is because the damaged bar exposes the magnet which is generally brittle and coated with some oil which can contaminate the material and the environment. Stainless Steel NdFeB Fishing Magnetic Rod with Eyebolts
    Magnetic filter bar of MPCO Magnetech can work for 1-2 years under heavy loads and 10 years or more under light loads.

    1.The magnetic pull force was tested using a computer-controlled tensile tester.The actual pull force will vary mainly depending on the following variables:
    a: Steel thickness :The thinner the steel, the lower the pull force, 200KG vertical magnetic pull force was got on base of 30mm thickness steel Plate.
    b: Pulling direction :The bigger of the pulling direction beyond 90°, the lower the pull force, normally the Pull force in horizontal direction is only about one third of that in vertical direction. Super Strong Fishing Salvage Bar Magnets with Eyebolt
    c: Attracting position :The farther beyond the center of gravity, the lower the pull force.
    In addition, iron chips of magnetic surface also reduce the pull-force of magnet at some extent.  Standard NdFeB Separator Magnet Rods
    2.Magnet just only attract iron , ferrous metal and nickel, do not attract gold, silver, copper, aluminums and their alloy and stainless Steel
    3. Magnetic force concentrates on the bottom of the fishing magnet, there is hardly any magnetic force of other surfaces .

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