1500lbs Combined Strength Double Sided Fishing Magnet

/1500lbs Combined Strength Double Sided Fishing Magnet
  • 1500lbs Combined Strength Double Sided Fishing Magnet
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  • 1500lbs Combined Strength Double Sided Fishing Magnet, Sea River Metal Detecting Super Strong Neodymium Recovery Magnet, NdFeB Salvage Fishing Magnet Recover Detect Hunter Metal Treasure w/ Countersunk Hole Eyebolt, Recover Detect Hunter Metal Treasure pot magnets China supplier

    1500lbs Combined Strength Double Sided Fishing Magnet with M10 Eyebolts Item No. MPSM-FM1500  series
    Magnet Metrail: Neodymium Magnet
    Magnet diameter: 3.7in
    Magnet thickness: 5.07in
    Weigth: 3.77 Pounds (1.7 kg)
    Rope length: 10m
    Max pull force: 1500lbs total. Each side 750kg

    【Fishing Magnet】Fishing magnet is 3.7in diameter, It is made of neodymium rare earth magnet with unique design and it has double sided magnetic strength, two eye bolts on the magnet satisfied your different using of the fishing magnet.nickle layer, copper layer, nickle layer could protect the magnet and anti-rust.
    【Strong Magnet】The fishing magnet could reach max pulling force: 1500lbs strength combined, 750lbs strength each side on ideal conditions. But please note the magnet strength is affected by the metal thickness and smooth of the attached items or high-temperature environment or acid-base environment.
    【Multi Using】Double sided fishing magnet could used to treasure hunting, salvaging underwater, magnet fishing in river or lake, seeking for something old and mysterious, find some missing metal parts such as screws, steel fittings and so on. Fishing magnet supply you not only a hobby but also a smile of life.
    【Pre-Notice】Before Magnet Fishing , Please check the eye bolt of the magnet tighten or not, in case the magnet is detached from the eye bolt. Also please check the carabiner(if your rope with carabiner) of your rope tighten or not, in case the carabiner and magnet loose and fall off in water.
    【Quality Service】We specialize in many kinds of magnet products, several years experience of magnet industry make us just want to supply the best products to you. If any questions with our products, contact us freely and kindly. We value your response, and supply the best service all the time.

    Unique Design
    ●Double-Sided Fishing Magnet
    ● Compact Size but Huge Pull Force
    ● Durable & Anti-Corrosion
    ● Versatility: Magnet Fishing & Industrial Use

    Double Sided Fishing Magnet with 2 Eyebolts,  Neodymium Double Sided Fishing and Retrieving Magnet in River Sea
    Our powerful magnet has two surfaces available that can be used for vertical or horizontal hunting.
    The double-sided design makes your magnet fishing more easy and interesting, since where one side may miss the object, the magnet on the other side can “catch” it. 60MM Diameter Double Sided Neodymium Metal Detecting Magnet

    Wide Application:
    This heavy duty fishing magnets kit is very powerful and multifunctional, perfect for magnetic Fishing &Treasure Hunting &Industrial use.
    Treasure Hunting Use:Water pump, ferrous tools, breakage of heavy metal objects, ancient objects.
    Industrial use. Used for finding metal objects lost such as screw, washer, or nut, fasteners at workshop or repair factory.

    Customer Questions & Answers
    Question: Does it work in salt water?

    Answer: Honestly I would say that it would be very Corrosive, without proper care, it starts to rust in regular water.
    Question: If purchasing two of these, would they repel each other on one side? Also, what is the minimum safe distance at which they attract/repel one another?

    Answer: If the magnet face is placed face to face, the two magnet will attract each other, and the minimium safe distance is 7.87in at least. one word. the magnet strength is very strong, please be care.
    Question: if i attach this to the roof interior of a cargo van, then attach a pulley system to lift 150 lbs from the ground, will this hold?

    Answer: The magnet might hold that kind of weight but I don’t think the cargo van roof would support that kind of weight hanging from it. I’m my humble opinion.
    Question: what size is the eye bolt thread size 1/4 , 3/8 ?

    Answer: I believe its 3/8.
    Question: Would this go through the chest of a man? Looking for a magnet as a trick need 2 b strong enough to placed on my back and hold an item on my chest?

    Answer: Please do not, the magnet is with strong strength, Please be careful and do not try it with your body
    Question: Could I find a nail in a piece of reclaimed hard wood from a old barn

    Answer: Yes , The magnet could do it, if the reclaim is metal. Please be careful when you do it.
    Question: What is the pulling force about the fishing magnet?

    Answer: When it is 100% seated on flat metal its about 750lbs i have to use a pry it off with a pry bar

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