150kg Rectangle Lifting Electro-permanent Magnet H2004525

/150kg Rectangle Lifting Electro-permanent Magnet H2004525
  • 150kg Rectangle Lifting Electro-permanent Magnet H2004525
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  • 150kg Rectangle Lifting Electro-permanent Magnet H2004525, Square Electric Lifting Magnet Electromagnet Solenoid, IP65 Rectangular Flat-Faced Magnets, Electromagnetic Holding Solenoid with Permanent Magnet, Electrical Holding Magnet, Lift Solenoid, clamping, locking or holding standard  Solenoid Electromagnet China Supplier

    150kg Rectangle Lifting Electro-permanent Magnet H2004525 Specifications
    Product Name 150kg long bar rectangle electromagnet
    Model H2004525 Rated Voltage DC 12v 24v
    Power 26-48w Force 1200-1500N
    Waterproof Class IP65 Duty Cycle 50-100%
    Cable Length 200mm Material Metal, Electronic Parts
    Action Form Holding type Weight(N.W.) 1.5kg
    Install Style Screw Thread Size & Deepth(mm) 2-M8,15
    Hi-Pot Test AC 600V 50/60Hz 2s Insulation Class B
    Packaging Details
    Body Size 200*45*25(mm) Carton Box Size(Standard) 350*310*180(mm), accepted custom

    1. Push-pull type, linear motion, plunger spring reset, DC solenoid electromagnet.
    2. DC Solenoid electromagnets are mainly used in vending machines, transportation equipment, office equipment, household appliances, machinery, etc.
    3. The solenoid works externally by pushing and pulling the plunger, and when energized, it works by pushing and pulling the plunger to connect the object.
    4. Open frame structure with mounting holes, accepted custom as you needed.

    Magnet Holding Electromagnet
    Solenoid/Electromagnet:- Electrical current is required to turn the magnet ON. Power is removed to turn the magnet OFF

    Holding Force

    Holding force (in N) of the holding magnet, under optimum conditions of use, at the ferromagnetic part when it comes into contact with it.

    This force is perpendicular to the attraction surface of the holding magnet. 300kg Rectangle Electromagnet Solenoid Lift Holding H1508050

    Residual Force

    Residual force (in N) through which the holding magnet holds the ferromagnetic part after removal of the magnetic field associated with the coil or the permanent magnet.

    Its value is at least 15% of the holding force and depends on the part (size, roughness, material, etc.). It may be as much as approximately 30%.


    Electromagnetic holding magnets are used in many different areas, for example, in the fields of automation, transport, and handling. Depending on requirements, the electromagnets are available in round, flat or rectangular designs.

    The Energise to Release Electromagnet is an electro-permanent concept – a solenoid (wound copper coil) within a high quality high permeability iron assembly for high clamping forces and low magnetic losses plus a magnet build into the assembly. The iron cylinder of the energise to release electromagnet is of sturdy design with a bright nickel finish passivated with body mounting.

    Rectangular, Square & Block Electromagnets

    Rectangular, Square & Block Electromagnets

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