18mm Rubber Coated Cable Tie Mount Magnet

/18mm Rubber Coated Cable Tie Mount Magnet
  • 18mm Rubber Coated Cable Tie Mount Magnet
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    18mm Rubber Coated Cable Tie Mount Magnet  Parameter:
    Item No. RCND18H
    Form / Model Magnet system / Cable holder
    Material: Neodymium Magnet+Rubber Housing
    Dimension: 18 mm diameter x 13 mm height
    Pull strength: 2.5 kgs
    Weight: 7 g
    Thread hole: M4
    Magnet: Strong Magnet
    Colour Black
    Covering Rubber (TPE)
    Magnet Coating: Nickle plated
    Tolerance: +/-0.1mm (0.004”)
    Applications: Rubber coated disc magnets has strong holding force, can be used to mount, lift or holding some objects

    18mm dia x 6mm high Rubber Coated Cable Holding Magnet
    4mm Hole Cable Tie Clip
    No Drilling or Adhesives
    Rubber coating increases weight-bearing capacity and protects surfaces
    Can be attached to any ferrous surface
    Built in Hole Cable Tie Clip provides easy attachment and secure hold for cable ties, string or nylon thread.li>1.6kg pull strength

    These rubber coated magnetic cable holders are water resistant, can be use both indoor or outdoor.
    The added plastic cable tie holder attachment makes these neodymium magnets multipurpose, just slip a regular cable tie thru the 5mm wide slot and you can organize your bunch of cables to a metal surface. Great for temporary setup and getting rid of unsightly dangling cables which is also a hazard.

    – Practical combination: the package includes 10 pieces of magnetic cable tie mounts and 50 pieces of nylon cable zip ties, 60 pieces in total, and each magnet can withstand a maximum vertical pull of approx. 11.5 pounds, offering sufficient quantity for your daily demands and bringing you lots of conveniences
    – Nice performances: the black magnetic zip tie mounts with self locking cable ties are practical accessories to fix and organize your different wires and cables, which can reduce the cable clutter and bring you neat conditions; And the magnet bases are designed with protective rubber, which can enhance the lateral load carrying capacity, keep the magnets clean and protect located surfaces from scratches.  22mm Dia x 6mm High Rubber Coated Cable Holding Magnet
    – Convenient applications: the multipurpose magnet wire holders are convenient to use, just fix them on metal areas, insert the zip ties to attach the cables or wires, then tighten them and cut the excessive length; They are removable and you can easily adjust the positions and angles as you need
    – Long lasting to use: the black magnetic zip tie mounts are made of NdFeB magnets, A3 steel, rubber and nylon, sturdy and reliable in quality, and the proper magnetism makes them not easy to fall off from metal surfaces; The black zip ties are made of nylon, ensuring nice strength and long term application
    – Multiple usages: the magnetic cable holder mounts and heavy duty zip ties can keep your electronic wires, USB cables, cables of computers and other appliances, or decorations organized, which are applicable for home, office, classroom and other occasions; You can apply them to automobile, machine, lighting lamps, shelves and other smooth surfaces

    Item No. D H Force Weight
    mm mm Kg N Lbs g
    RCND18H 18 13 2.5 24.5 4.6 7
    RCND22H 22 16 5.9 58 13 11.5
    RCND31H 31 16 9 89 20 22.5
    RCND43H 43 16 10 100 22 37.5
    RCND66H 66 18 18 180 39 113
    RCND88H 88 18 42 420 90 215


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