2-Polar Ring Axial Ferrite Magnet

/2-Polar Ring Axial Ferrite Magnet
  • 2-Polar Ring Axial Ferrite Magnet
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    2-Polar Ring Axial Ferrite Magnet Basic Info
    Product name: Custom Shape Cheap Price hard ceramic Strong Arc Ferrite Magnets
    Application: MRI, DC Motors, sensors, magnetic separators
    Composite: Mix of Iron Oxide, strontium carbonate
    Coating: NONE
    Keyword: Ferrite Magnets, Ceramic Magnets
    Material Grade: anisotropic, isotropic
    Max Temp: up to 180 Degree

    Ferrite Isotropic Magnet Rings, Ferrite Magnet Assemble, Motor Ferrite Rings, Permannet Magnet, Neodymium Magnet, Ferrite Rings
    The Ferrite Ring Magnet could be used in a wide rang of applications because of their high coercively and low cost.They are widely used in reed switches,loud speakers,security system audio, motors, magnetic couplings, for sensing, loudspeakers, holding-magnet systems, crafts, magnetic therapy, novelties.

    Ferrite, also known as Ceramic Magnets, are made of a composite of Iron oxide and barium carbonate (BaCO3) or strontium carbonate (SrCO3). Since th 1950’s, this material is commonly available and at a lower cost than other types of materials used in permanent magnets. Ceramic magnets are made by pressing and sintering. Sintered magnets are a type of ceramic composed of the compressed powder of the alloy material being used. Sintering involves the compaction of fine alloy powder in a dry and then fusing the powder into a solid material with heat. While the sintered magnets are solid, their physical properties are more similar to a ceramic and are easily broken and chipped.
    Ferrite magnets are brittle and hard , which generally requires diamond wheels to grind and shape. These magnets come in a number of different grades. Ferrite Multipolar Ring Magnets


    1) Cheapest magnet material
    2) Good anti-corrosion performance, no surface treatment needed.
    3) Excellent temperature stability
    4) Best choice for industrial applications
    5) All shapes can be customized
    6) Isotropic and anisotropic are available

    We also could produce the ferrite ring magnets according to your size, grade….

    Grade Wb/m2 Br KA/m BHc KJ/m2 (BH) max
    Gs Oe MGOe
          Y25 3500-3900 0.35-0.39 152-208 1900-2600 22.3-25.5 2.8-3.2
          Y30 3800-4200 0.38-0.42 160-216 2000-2700 26.3-29.5 3.3-3.7
          Y35 4000-4400 0.40-0.44 176-224 2200-2800 30.3-33.4 3.8-4.2
          Y15H ≥3100 ≥0.31 232-248 2900-3100 ≥17.5 ≥2.2
          Y20H ≥3400 ≥0.34 248-264 3100-3300 ≥21.5 ≥2.7
          Y25BH 3600-3900 0.36-0.39 176-216 2200-2700 23.9-27.1 3.0-3.4
          Y30BH 3800-4000 0.38-0.40 224-240 2800-3000 27.1-30.3 3.4-3.8
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