200KG*2 Double Sided Neodymium Recovery Magnet

/200KG*2 Double Sided Neodymium Recovery Magnet
  • 200KG Double Sided Neodymium Recovery Magnet
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  • 200KG*2 Double Sided Neodymium Recovery Magnet with Hook + Rope, Rope Fishing Salvage Metal Finder, Sea River Metal Detecting Super Strong Neodymium Retrieving Magnet, NdFeB Salvage Fishing Magnet Recover Detect Hunter Metal Treasure w/ Countersunk Hole Eyebolt, Recover Detect Hunter Metal Treasure pot magnets China supplier

    200KG*2 Double Sided Neodymium Recovery Magnet Item No. MPSM-FM440  series
    Magnet Metrail: Neodymium Magnet
    Magnet diameter: D67mm
    Magnet thickness: 28mm
    Weigth: 1 kg
    Rope length: 10m
    Max pull force: 440lbs total. Each side 200kg

    Country/Region of Manufacture: China
    Bundle Listing: No Custom Bundle: No
    Featured Refinements: Neodymium Magnet Item Width: 28mm depth of pot
    Item Length: D67mm Material: Neodymium
    Super powerful magnet recovery: steel and iron detecting Grade: N52
    Non-Domestic Product: No Number in Pack: 1
    Working Temperture: Under 80 degree centigrade Vertical Pull-force: 200KG on base of 30mm thickness steel plate
    Brand: Neodymium

    Much Stronger: Made of N52 neodymium magnet and steel shell, the neodymium magnet is putted into one steel shell which concentrates the magnetic force on one side of magnet and increase the attracting force of magnet incrediblely (2.5-4times for same size of magnet) .At the same time , the steel shell can protect the neodymium magnet against chipping and cracking during grabbing and clamping.
    It is mainly used for tool droppers & Treasure hunters or Holding/ Fixing some parts in place in industry.

    Unique Design
    ●Double-Sided Fishing Magnet
    ● Compact Size but Huge Pull Force
    ● Durable & Anti-Corrosion
    ● Versatility: Magnet Fishing & Industrial Use

    Wide Application:
    This heavy duty fishing magnets kit is very powerful and multifunctional, perfect for magnetic Fishing &Treasure Hunting &Industrial use.
    Treasure Hunting Use:Water pump, ferrous tools, breakage of heavy metal objects, ancient objects. Neodymium Retrieving Magnet Fishing Kit 1500LBS with Hook + Gloves + Rope
    Industrial use. Used for finding metal objects lost such as screw, washer, or nut, fasteners at workshop or repair factory.

    100% satisfaction with our products, any questions contact us freely and kindly Package included: 1.Fishing Magnet*1 2.Grappling Hooks*1 3.Red Rope*1 4.Gloves*1 Product description: 1. The double sided fishing magnet kit is made of neodymium rare earth magnet, stainless steel and best nylon. The magnet with two eyebolts, and you could use it freely. And the grappling hooks is with three claws and it could catch firmly and bear strongly, the nylon rope could connect the magnet or grappling hooks, and the gloves is the best tools to help you fishing outside. 2.The double sided fishing magnet kit could be used in many applications. Just as treasure hunting, salvaging underwater, magnet fishing in river or lake, seek old items and salvage aquatic plants, anchoring , fishing , climbing trees, tree limb retrieving, wilderness survival activities, outdoor adventures,grapple falling objects ,heavy duty object puling and so on. Note:1.Stay away from children and pacemakers, magnetic storage devices as mobiles or computers 3.Please take care when you open the package, as the hooks is sharp. 4.Please note the working capacity of grappling hooks kit, it is not suggest for rock climbing or bear human weight. 5.Wearing gloves is better for your fingers when you use the fishing magnet grappling hooks kit.

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