22mm Dia Rubber Magnetic Cable Tie Holder

/22mm Dia Rubber Magnetic Cable Tie Holder
  • 22mm Dia Rubber Magnetic Cable Tie Holder
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    22mm Dia Rubber Magnetic Cable Tie Holder  Parameter:
    Item No. RCND22H
    Form / Model Magnet system / Cable holder
    Material: Neodymium Magnet+Rubber Housing
    Dimension: 22 mm diameter x 16 mm height
    Pull strength: 13.0 lbs / 5.9 kgs
    Weight: 11.5 g
    Thread hole: M4
    Magnet: Strong Magnet
    Black Housing: Soft Rubber
    Magnet Coating: Nickle plated
    Tolerance: +/-0.1mm (0.004”)
    Applications: Rubber coated disc magnets has strong holding force, can be used to mount, lift or holding some objects

    Magnetic Properties
    Rubber Coated Neodymium Pot Magnet – Diameter 22mm x 16mm with Cable Mount (RCND22H)
    Grade N35 N/A
    Max Operating Temperature °C <=80 N/A
    Remanence Br(T) 1.18-1.25 N/A
    Remanence Br(kGs) 11.8-12.5 N/A
    Coercivity bHc(kA/m) >=859 N/A
    Coercivity bHc(Oe) >=10.8 N/A
    Intrinsic Coercivity iHc(kA/m) >=955 N/A
    Intrinsic Coercivity iHc(Oe) >=12 N/A
    Max Energy Product(BH)max(KJ/m) 263-294 N/A
    Max Energy Product(BH)max(MGOe) 33-37 N/A

    Magnets are a proven way to make a fast and secure bond with metal or steel surfaces. Cable ties or Zip ties are one of the fastest and easiest ways to secure things like wiring, rope or power leads. Now you can use a magnetic cable tie holder that combines both these handy features in one convenient product from MPCO Magnetics.

    These innovative and relatively new MPCO products are available in a range of sizes and strengths to suit different applications. The magnetic cable tie holder contains strong Neodymium disc magnets that can support considerable weight. The bigger the magnet, the more weight it can hold and these are available in a range of holding strengths.

    Magnetic cable tie products make it easy to attach power leads, lighting cables or any other type of accessory to steel fencing, sheds, workshops or vehicles.
    The magnet attaches quickly and securely to any type of steel or metal surface. The rubber coating around the powerful magnet ensures the surface it attaches to is not scratched or damaged in any way. The clever cable tie mount fitting allows you to attach items securely to the magnet. Keep them up and away from the ground or any areas considered hazardous.

    Another practical feature of these easy to use magnetic cable tie holder products is how easily the magnet can attach to any surface or material, including non-magnetic ones! Regular magnets need to be attached to non-metallic surfaces with glue, a fixing screw or bolt. However these magnets can be attached to a range of surfaces using the cable tie mount feature.

    Magnetic cable tie mount products are really practical and easy to use. They help overcome some of the issues our customers have identified when trying to attach magnets to non-ferrous materials and surfaces.
    This type of magnet can be attached temporarily or even permanently to many surfaces by using the cable tie to keep it in place. Attaching timber or plastic decorations to metal fences is much easier and can be done without the need for penetrative screws or messy glue! Bonding shade cloth or canvas coverings to steel structures has never been easier!

    Magnetic cable tie holders from MPCO operate in a fast and simple way. They can be the perfect solution for attaching or suspending things like cables, wires or rope in any location. Alternatively, you can make any type of surface compatible with metal by attaching a magnet with a simple cable tie. Whether you work in an office, a factory, a construction site or at home you are sure to find a practical use for these handy cable tie magnets from us.

    Item No. D H Force Weight
    mm mm Kg N Lbs g
    RCND22H 22 16 5.9 58 13 11.5
    RCND31H 31 16 9 89 20 22.5
    RCND43H 43 16 10 100 22 37.5
    RCND66H 66 18 18 180 39 113
    RCND88H 88 18 42 420 90 215

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