2600KG Powerful Neodymium Shuttering Magnet

/2600KG Powerful Neodymium Shuttering Magnet
  • 2600KG Powerful Neodymium Shuttering Magnet
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  • 2600KG Powerful Neodymium Shuttering Magnet, Precast Concrete Formwork Magnet, Pre-cast Concrete Shutter Magnet, Button Magnets, Strong Shuttering Magnet Box for Concrete, Formwork Concrete Magnet, China Factory

    2600KG Powerful Neodymium Shuttering Magnet Specifications
    Item No. SM-2600
    Pull Force Vertical suction(kgf)>= 2600kg
    Material:   4mm thickness Steel House, N48 NdFeB Magnets Assembly with Black Epoxy
    Size:   320x120x60mm Shuttering Magnets
    Suitable template height:  200-350 mm
    Net Weight:  7.8 kg per piece
    Max. Temp.:  80℃, 100℃, 120℃ as per needs
    Shape: Box Shape Magnet with Pull-push Button
    Applications: Precast Concrete Magnet is a new magnetic technology for prestressed concrete panel wall manufacturing.

    Powerful Neodymium Shuttering Magnet stainless steel material is made of stainless steel, compared with iron, stainless steel itself has a much higher corrosion resistance than iron, and its surface does not need to do anti-corrosion treatment. However, the cost of stainless steel is much higher than iron, but this does not prevent people from its favor.

    Shuttering magnet Iron 2600KG In the case of the same suction and size, respectively, the use of two materials, one is iron, one is stainless steel. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and two different materials to meet the needs of customers under the same suction. However, due to different materials, will inevitably affect the price of the product, the price of stainless steel will be more expensive than iron, but a little bit of stainless steel is its high corrosion resistance. precast concrete formwork magnet 2300kg

    The characteristics and advantages of the magnetic box
    1) Flexible and lightweight
    2) safe and easy operation
    3) Easy to maintain when the system is open
    4) Magnetic force of 450-2100 kg
    5) core contains anti-concrete harmful substances polyurethane
    6) easy to clean, the use of polishing machine to clean the surface of the concrete can be.
    7) strong magnetic system will be fixed on the template table, not easy to fall. At the same time, the spring element helps to release the magnet during demanding.
    8) The spring pulls the template to the mold table and prevents concrete from penetrating the template.

    Item No. SM-450 SM-600 SM-800 SM-900 SM-1000
    Vertical suction(kgf)>= 450 600 800 900 1000
    N.W.(kg) 1.7 1.8 2.5 2.9 2.9
    size (cm) 17*6*4 17*6*4 19*9.5*4 28*6*4 20*9.5*4
    suitable template height  mm 30-60 40-70 50-80 60-100 70-120
    Item No. SM-1350 SM-1800 SM-2100 SM-2300 SM-2600
    Vertical suction(kgf)>= 1350 1800 2100 2300 2600
    N.W.(kg) 6.3 7.2 7.6 7.8 7.8
    size (cm) 32*9*6 29*12*6 31*12*6 32*12*6 32*12*6
    suitable template height  mm 80-200 100-250 150-300 180-320



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