35lb Rubber Magnetic Holder Neodymium Gun Magnet

/35lb Rubber Magnetic Holder Neodymium Gun Magnet
  • 35lb Rubber Magnetic Holder Neodymium Gun Magnet
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  • 35lb Rubber Magnetic Holder Neodymium Gun Magnet, Small Rubber Coated Gun Magnet Mount, Safety Solutions for Gun Storage, Gun Magnet with 25-35lb Rating W/Mounting Screws and Tape, Strong Holding Force Gun Magnet Concealed Rifle & Shotgun Magnetic Holder, Gun Magnet Concealed Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster Holder for Pistol Rifle

    35lb Rubber Magnetic Holder Neodymium Gun Magnet Features:
    Product Name Gun Magnet
    Item No. GUNMAG-03
    Material Neodymium Magnet
    Pull force 25-35 lbs
    Size F89X36.5X14MM
    Used Gun Pistol Holder
    Magnetic Direction Thru thickness
    Coating Black Rubber
    Accessories Four Screws & 3M adhesive
    Sample 7 days
    Stay prepared, helps you keep your gun handy.
    Made for quick draws in case of an emergency.
    Perfect for concealed weapons
    Won’t scratch your weapon
    Holds up to 25lbs / 35lbs per magnet
    Non-Scratch Coating

    How Does A Gun Magnet Work?
    Gun magnets offer a useful storage solution and allow convenient, easy access to your weapon. Using a magnet means you can store your gun vertically, horizontally, or upside down, making it a must-have accessory for storage in cars, safes, under desks, literally anywhere. Once you’ve installed the magnet in your desired location, your gun will stick to it and be held safely in place.

    How Do You Install A Gun Magnet?
    That depends on the type of magnet. If it’s magnetized on both sides, all you need is a metal surface, such as a safe. The gun is held by the magnet and the magnet sticks to the surface. For installation in places you don’t want to drill holes in, such as a car console, super strong 3M tape can be a good solution for lighter guns. Another option is to mount the magnet with screws, which depending on the shape of the magnet usually requires either one or four screws. 25lb Rated Car Holster Adhesive Magnet Gun Magnet Mount

    Can A Gun Magnet Support The Weight Of Any Gun?
    Most gun magnets can hold between 15 and 45 pounds. One magnet should be enough to store revolvers or semi automatic handguns. But larger weapons such as shotguns and rifles will probably need two or three magnets.

    What Will My Gun Magnet Stick To?
    Any surface which contains iron, nickel or cobalt.

    Product description
    – Are you looking for a reliable way to store your handgun in the car or at home?
    – Want to always be ready to defend yourself in case of emergency?
    – Tired of other gun mounts that are not powerful enough to hold your weapon?

    We’ve listened to your complaints and your wishes and we’ve designed the firearm magnetic mount that will meet and exceed all your expectations!

    ✅ Powerful Gun Magnet Mount By MPCO
    This gun magnet mount is equipped powerful magnet can hold up to 25 lbs. Strong enough to secure your weapon, even if you are driving over potholes or bouncy roads.
    It will not be demagnetized and it will not fall or slowly slide off the mount.
    And if you want to higher level of safety and security, go ahead and pick up two of these magnetic holders in order to be able to also mount larger firearms such as hunting rifles, automatic weapons, large magazines and shotguns.

    ✅ Made With Only Quality Material
    Constructed with high-grade and powerful N42 Neodymium magnets with modern design, this built for strength and durability.
    Protect your guns from any scratching or damage of any kind.
    ✅ We don’t Sell Products, We Sell Satisfaction!
    ✅ What include in Package
    •Gun Magnet
    •Double sided adhesive tape

    Using provided screws to keep your weapon securely.
    The Double sided adhesive tape only works well with a light weight compact Pistols when used on clean and smooth flat surface. and it’s for one time user only, or it will not stick enought to hold the gun.

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