40mm Education Ferrite Bar Magnets with Red and Blue Poles

/40mm Education Ferrite Bar Magnets with Red and Blue Poles
  • 40mm Education Ferrite Bar Magnets with Red and Blue Poles
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    40mm Education Ferrite Bar Magnets with Red and Blue Poles Specification:
    Part No.: MPFBM-10
    Material: Hard Ferrite / Ceramic
    Shape: Bar (Block)
    Grades: Y30 / Y35
    Color: custom / red-green / red-blue / No or pure color
    Application: School Educations Tool / Kids Toy

    Bar magnets have been used in schools, universities and science projects for many years and now are extremely popular worldwide. Traditionally constructed using alnico material bar magnets are covered with two different colours that clearly indicate the north and south poles of the magnet. This makes them perfect for teaching young learners basic magnetic theory and principles.
    Bar magnets are also commonly used in arts, crafts and manufacturing.

    These ferrite bar magnets are instantly recognisable and are great for teaching children about the basics of magnetism. They are ideal for performing simple experiments with ferrous items such as iron filings and paperclips and for displaying the attracting and repelling effects of magnets.

    A bar magnet is exactly as it sounds, it is a permanent magnet which has a magnetic length greater than its diameter or effective diameter for rectangular bar magnets. A bar magnet has a north and a south pole typically at opposite ends of the bar.

    These painted ferrite bar magnets with identified poles are weakly magnetised making them safe for children and perfect for performing classroom experiments and teaching children the basics of magnetism.

    Ceramic Ferrite bar magnet is one of the most cost-effective magnetic materials. It has a fair to good resistance toward corrosion and it can operate in moderate heat. Ceramic Ferrite magnets are low energy product and they are usually used in assemblies containing mild steel. 50mm Painted Ferrite Bar Experiment Magnets with Identified Poles

    Ferrite magnets can be produced in many shapes and sizes. Machining to size is limited to grinding processes – the electrically insulating Ferrite material does not allow wire spark erosion.

    As such, the main shapes are blocks, discs, rings, arcs, and rods. Other shapes and custom sizes may well be possible but tooling charges may apply. 85mm Ceramic Science & Discovery Toy Bar Magnets

    NOTE:- Ferrite magnets are not the same as soft ferrites (as used in transformers) – they are totally different in operation.170mm Educational Ferrite Physical Experiment Bar Magnet Science Toys

    “Transformer” ferrites do not retain magnetism (soft ferrite). Ferrite magnets are permanent magnets – they retain their magnetism (hard ferrite).

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