45lbs Rectangular Gun Holder Magnet w/ Rubber Coating

/45lbs Rectangular Gun Holder Magnet w/ Rubber Coating
  • 45lbs Rectangular Gun Holder Magnet
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  • 45lbs Rectangular Gun Holder Magnet w/ Rubber Coating, Gun Magnet Mount & Holster Kit For Home and Vehicle, Rubber Coated Magnetic Accessory,  Super Strong Neodymium Block Concealed Rifle & Shotgun Truck Car Holster Magnetic Gun Holders China Factory

    45lbs Rectangular Gun Holder Magnet w/ Rubber Coating Features:
    Product Name Gun Magnet
    Material Neodymium iron boron+rubber/TPE/ABS/EPDM
    Package Black color
    Size 104mmX39.4mmX13mm, As per catalogue show, and accept customize.
    Shape Block, etc.
    Coating Rubber/TPE/ABS/EPDM
    Packing Standard sea or air packing, such as carton, iron, wooden box, etc.
    Delivery date 7 days for samples; 20-25 days for mass goods.

    45lbs Magnetic Gun Holder, Magnet Gun Mount, Gun Magnet
    This new product is a revolutionary gun mount allowing you to quick draw, easy retrieval of handguns, rifles, and magazines, our gun magnet is less than 0.5″ thick and coated in a soft rubber-like substance, it will not scratch your weapon, and will hold firmly without slipping.
    Our Gun Holder Mount Magnet is superior in both strength and design and allows you to display your guns with pride and conceal them for safety.

    The gun magnet is made of neodymium magnet, with rubber wrapped.
    It usually visible on the wall/car to hold the pistol. The most excellent characteristic of the MPCO gum magnet is permanently available in its lifetime. We use the best rubber material to manufacture this holder with the perfect outlook and soft fabric which make most of our clients get interested in it. Rubber Wrapped Rectangular Holster Gun Magnet Holder 43lbs
    You can customize the special size/package, or your company LOGO.

    1 x Magnetic gun mount
    4 x Screws
    4 x Plastic Anchors
    1 x 3M tape

    Gun Magnet Mount & Holster Kit For Home

    Gun Magnet Mount & Holster Kit For Home

    Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnet has high remanence, high coercive force, high energy product and high performance/cost ratio. It is easily formed into various sizes, widely used in motor, sensor, meter, sound device, magnetic separator, automobile, aviation, aerospace and other applications. It is prone to corrosion in humid environments, so it usually needs surface treatment according to customers’ requirements. The coatings we can offer include: nickel, zinc, gold, silver, epoxy and parylene. Amazon Wholesale Rubber Coated Gun Mount Magnet

    GO FOR Highest Quality
    – High-grade N52 Neodymium magnets rated at 43 lbs.
    – Thick high-quality rubber cover protecting any scratching.
    – Unique four magnet setup provides a strong grip while also keeping your straight.
    – Protective packaging including four self-tapping screws and installation guide.
    – Sleek beautiful.A low-key concealed gun mount. 42lbs Customized Concealed Magnetic Car Gun Mount

    GO FOR Flexibility
    – No longer do you need a specific holder for each gun, if it has metal you can mount it.
    – Mount almost any gun type and model in various ways for quick access or storage.
    – Store your firearms in your car, truck, under the desk, night table, locker, safe, door, wall, etc.
    -Neat product. Easy to mount, hold well. Amazon Hot Sale Rubber Coated Gun Mount Magnet

    45lbs Rectangular Gun Magnet Mount Kit For Car Vehicle

    45lbs Rectangular Gun Magnet Mount Kit For Car Vehicle

    – Attach the magnet to your surface with the –included screws and/or use the included 3M double-sided tape.
    -The included screws can be used in wood, plastic, metal and into wall wood studs.
    -For drywall or brick, use appropriate.

    Using provided screws to keep your weapon securely.
    The Double sided adhesive tape only works well with a light weight compact Pistols when used on clean and smooth flat surface. and it’s for one time user only, or it will not stick enought to hold the gun.

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