440BLS*2 Double Sided Round Metal Finder Magnet Kit Rope

/440BLS*2 Double Sided Round Metal Finder Magnet Kit Rope
  • 440BLS2 Double Sided Round Metal Finder Magnet Kit Rope
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  • 440BLS*2 Double Sided Round Metal Finder Magnet Kit Rope, Sea River Metal Detecting Super Strong Neodymium Retrieving Magnet, NdFeB Salvage Fishing Magnet Recovery Detect Hunter Metal Treasure w/ Countersunk Hole Eyebolt, Recover Detect Hunter Metal Treasure pot magnets China supplier

    440BLS*2 Double Sided Round Metal Finder Magnet Kit Rope Item No. MPSM-FM440  series
    Material:Neodymium Magnet+A3 steel+Black Resin
    Size:D67mm(Diameter)*28mm(magnetic base height )
    Vertical Pull-force: 440LBS each side on base of 30mm thickness steel Plate
    Horizional Pull-force: 88LBS on base of 30mm thickness steel Plate
    Net Weight: 0.7KG
    Working Tempearture: Under 80 degree centigrade

    Part Name: D67mm Double side Neodymium Fishing /Searching Magnet with 20 Metters of Orange rope ,gloves in. features:
    Incredible powerful resulting from Steel Cup
    Steel covering avoiding any scratch and chipping of neodymium magnets
    Numerous Application: Fishing , Searching iron.
    Quantity: 1Piece Magnet per package

    1.The magnetic pull-force 440LBS was tested using a computer-controlled tensile tester, it is the vertical pull-force which make the fishing magnet pull away from a 30mm t hickness steel plate under ideal condition. The actual pull-force will vary mainly depending on the following factors:
    A: Steel thickness: The thinner the steel , the lower the pull-force, 440LBS vertical pull-force was get on base of 30mm thickness steel plate
    B: Pulling direction: The bigger of the pulling direction beyond 90 ° , the lower the pull-force, normally, the pull-force in horizontal direction is only about one third of that in vertical direction;
    C: Attracting position: The farther beyond the center of gravity, the lower the pull-force is ;
    In addtion, iron chips of magnetic surface also reduce the pull-force of magnet at some extent
    2.Magnet just only attract iron , ferrous metal and nickel, do not attract gold, silver, copper, aluminiums and their alloy and stainless steel;
    3.Magnetic force concentrates on the bottom of the fishing magnet, there is hardly any magnetic force of other surfaces,

    Strong Magnet could pinch your finger badly;
    Keep strong magnet away from Children; 200KG*2 Double Sided Neodymium Recovery Magnet
    Do not allow magnets to attach together (especially naked neodymium magnet), any cracks and chips could hurt your eyes.

    Wide Application:
    This heavy duty fishing magnets kit is very powerful and multifunctional, perfect for magnetic Fishing &Treasure Hunting &Industrial use.
    Treasure Hunting Use:Water pump, ferrous tools, breakage of heavy metal objects, ancient objects. Neodymium Retrieving Magnet Fishing Kit 1500LBS with Hook + Gloves + Rope
    Industrial use. Used for finding metal objects lost such as screw, washer, or nut, fasteners at workshop or repair factory.

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