5x10x20mm Poles on Ends YXG28H Samarium Cobalt Block Magnet

/5x10x20mm Poles on Ends YXG28H Samarium Cobalt Block Magnet
  • 5x10x20mm Poles on Ends YXG28H Samarium Cobalt Block Magnet
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  • 5x10x20mm Poles on Ends YXG28H Samarium Cobalt Block Magnet, Magnetic Materials High Performanc 350 degree C High Temperature Permanent Block Rectangle Bar shaped Motor Magnets, Precision Samarium Cobalt Rare Earth SmCo, Custom Powerful Sintered Samarium Cobalt Rectangular Magnet China Supplier

    5x10x20mm Poles on Ends YXG28H Samarium Cobalt Block Magnet Item NO.  MPCO-SCB series
    Grade: YXG-28H / Customized
    Material: SmCo Magnet
    Shape: Block / Rectangular / Bar / Square
    Size: 5*10*20mm or Customized magnet size
    Working Tempt. : 250℃-350 ℃
    Tolerance: +/-0.05mm~+/-0.1mm

    (1″=25.4mm; 1lbs=0.453kg, Coin Size=Dia25*2mm)
    Dimensions: 5.00 x 10.00 x 20.00mm thickness
    Tolerances: ±0.05mm
    Material: Sm2Co17, Grade YXG28H
    Plating/Coating: N/A
    Magnetization Direction: Through 20mm, Poles on 5x10mm faces
    Max Operating Temp: 350ºC

    SmCo Magnets made of MPCO
    SmCo magnet requires extremely high magnetizing fields, and can be magnetized in any direction as long as it is aligned properly. In some instances multiple pole magnetization is possible with special fixtures. All SmCo magnet is anisotropic, and can only be magnetized in the orientation direction, so particular consideration must be given to this when designing complex assemblies, if it is intended to magnetize after installation.

    Suitable for high temperature applications (depending on alloy up to max. 350 °C)
    High corrosion resistance against aggressive media
    Usually no coating necessary
    Low decrease of magnetic properties with increasing temperature due to high Curie temperature

    SmCo magnet is composed of Samarium, Cobalt, and a few transition metals. SmCo magnet is high performance, low temperature coefficient rare earth permanent magnet, and could keep their performance under the maximum working temperature up to 350 degree centigrade.

    Manufacturing Process

    Samarium, Cobalt, and a few transition metals will be made into the SmCo powder, then fine SmCo powder will be compacted in a die and sintered, fusing the powder into a solid material. There are 2 forms of pressing: die pressing and isostatic pressing. Sintered parts normally need some finish machining in order to meet final tolerances. Micro Industrial Samarium Cobalt Block Magnets YX-24

    Machining & Tolerance

    Generally, SmCo magnet must be machined using diamond-grinding techniques. Sometimes, machining operations may be performed on SmCo magnet using carbide tools, but surface finishes thus obtained may be less than optimal. Superior Strong Industrial SmCo Square Magnets YXG-28H

    The Standard tolerances for SmCo magnet are +/- 0.1mm for ground dimensions, but sticter tolerances are possible if specially required. Small Samarium Cobalt Block SmCo Magnets YXG-28M

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