6mm Sterling Silver Coated Necklace Clasp Magnet

/6mm Sterling Silver Coated Necklace Clasp Magnet
  • 6mm Sterling Silver Coated Necklace Clasp Magnet
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    6mm Sterling Silver Coated Necklace Clasp Magnet SPECIFICATIONS:
    Item No. MPMCLASP-28
    MEASUREMENTS: Diameter 6mm
    COLOR: Sterling Silver .925
    Magnet Material: Neodymium NdFeB (Rare Earth)
    Each magnetic clasp has a small hole (1mm) on one side for the stringing material and a large hole (2.5mm) on the other for the crimp bead or knot depending on your finishing preference.
    Excellent for magnetic therapy jewelry.

    Great for bracelets and light necklaces, this magnetic clasp is very powerful, self-aligning, and well manufactured with no glue assembly. This is an especially good option for people who have difficulty with normal clasps. It is easy to attach to a necklace or bracelet using jump rings strung through the loop in each side of the clasp. This clasp is versatile in size and features a brilliant silver gleam you can pair with any color palette you may have in mind.

    With these magnetic fasteners you can easily close and wear any chain and close it. No more fiddling around to put a chain on and take it off again

    Viosi Jewelry clasps are definitely a good gift for grandma, mother, aunt, etc., make it easier to put on and take off chains. Sterling Silver  Magnetic Clasp Converter for Light Necklaces

    Our magnetic clasps have great holding strength to keep jewelry more secure. Just attach these magnetic clasps to your favorite piece of jewelry and you’re done!

    Please detach the clasp before cleaning your jewelry in ultrasonic cleaners, as the heat from boiling water (150°F or above) will diminish the strength of the magnets. Gold Filled Magnetic Clasp Converter


    So easy to use, you might want to convert all your jewelry to magnetic clasps!
    Always open jewelry by holding the clasp directly, instead of tugging the cord.  7mm Antique Silver-Plated Oval Magnetic Bracelet Clasp
    For extra security, we recommend tying cord directly to the clasp or using split rings instead of jump rings.
    Ideal for those with impaired hand motion.
    Warning: It is recommended that pregnant women and people with pacemakers not wear magnets.

    8mm Mag-Lok Magnetic Clasps (Copper Plated) 12-sets are ultra high quality self-aligning clasps, MADE IN THE USA with powerful magnets and are excellent for medium to heavy weight beaded jewelry applications. A great alternative to conventional clasps that are difficult for arthritic hands to open.
    8mm width x 6mm length
    Clasp together = 8mm x 12mm
    Magnet: Neodymium (Rare Earth)
    Made in CHINA
    Excellent for medium to heavy weight bracelets, necklaces and anklets.

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