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  • AlNiCo Cow Stomach Cylinder Rod Magnet
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    AlNiCo Cow Stomach Cylinder Rod Magnet Specifications:
    Part No.: MPCO-COW-51
    Type: AlNiCo
    Rate: AlNiCo 5
    Diameter: 12.5mm
    Height: 75mm
    Composition of Cow Magnet

    The most important thing to keep in mind while buying a cow magnet is to check whether the minerals used in it are toxic or not because that can be very dangerous to the cow’s health. This is the reason nowadays most of the cow magnets are made up of Ferrous Oxide (FeO) and stable Strontium (Sr) which have been proved healthy and safe for the cow’s body. Along with this, the magnet is also coated with valuable minerals which are very useful for cows and cattle. The cow magnet has no sharp edges to protect the cow’s interior from cuts and scratches and also it is in a form of a finger-sized shaped pill that can be consumed easily by cows.

    What is Hardware Disease?

    Now to understand the proper functioning of the cow magnet you have to first know what is Hardware Disease. You might be wondering what exactly is hardware disease since I have already mentioned it earlier. Well, it’s a common term for bovine traumatic reticulopericarditis and it is usually caused by the direct ingestion of sharp metallic object which becomes very difficult to digest and thus leading to that disease.

    How Hardware Disease is Caused

    After our machines finish working on the field, small pieces of iron nails and iron fillings are left scattered. Now, since cattle do not completely chew their food before swallowing they couldn’t differentiate between food substances and metals. Therefore, these sharp metallic objects like nails and wire are easily swallowed which are extremely dangerous for the animals. Generally, these small and sharp iron pieces, scratch the intestines and stomach, and the iron gets rusted which results in poisoning. But in some severe cases, when the objects travel through the rumen and pushed along the reticulum with the rest of the food, it moves into the peritoneal wall and causes severe inflammation. In a few rare cases, it has also been seen that the metal object penetrates the entire wall of the reticulum and then pierces the heart sac, which causes pericarditis.  Rumex Style Cattle Ringed Ferrite Rumen Magnet

    Advantages of Cow Magnets

    Securing cows from Hardware Disease is not the only purpose of cow magnet, but the minerals present in it provide some other kinds of health benefits too. The Strontium metal present in the magnet has been seen to help in the development and growth of bones along with increasing their strength. Due to its amazing pole pattern, metal substances like nails will be held parallel and be pulled towards the centre of the magnet. This prevents the sharp ends from puncturing any internal organs of the cattle.

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