Anisotropic Cylindrical Bar Ceramic Magnet C8

/Anisotropic Cylindrical Bar Ceramic Magnet C8
  • Anisotropic Cylindrical Bar Ceramic Magnet C8
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  • Anisotropic Cylindrical Bar Ceramic Magnet C8 for Medical Devices, Sensors, Electronics 6mm x 9.5mm, Rod Bar Sintered Hard Ferrite Permanent Magnets for Hobbies, Handcrafts, Crafts and Science, souvenirs fridge magnets, Therapy Ceramic Magnets, extremely hard and brittle oriented (anisotropic) and non-oriented (isotropic) Low Cost Ferrite Rod Magnet, Ceramic Cylindrical Magnets China Supplier

    Anisotropic Cylindrical Bar Ceramic Magnet C8 SPECIFICATIONS:
    Material : The cheapest magnetic material,main contents including ferric oxide ,barium and strontium.
    Type : Permanent
    Size : 0.250″ (6.35mm) dia x 0.500″ (12.70mm) long Ferrite / ceramic rod magnet
    Shape : Cylinder, Rod, Cylindrical, Bar
    Grade:  C8 / Y35
    Colour : Dark charcoal gray
    Direction of Magnetization: Axially magnetized thru the height
    Depending on the application of our FERRITE Magnet, we have a choice of discs, rings and blocks.
    Some applications are crafts, souvenirs, fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets.

    0.250″ (6.35mm) dia x 0.500″ (12.70mm) long. Set of 100 pcs. C8 Ceramic Cylinder / Rod Magnet, Magnetized through the length. Not plated.

    Ferrite Magnets are also known as Ceramic Magnets, Ceramic Ferrite Magnets are the best value permanent magnet available due to an abundance of raw materials and economical cost to manufacture. They are ideal for creating a deep magnetic field inexpensively. Ferrite magnets are extremely popular due to their characteristics. Ceramic magnets are a cost effective option for high volume applications. Ceramic magnet alloys offer good resistance to external demagnetization fields. Commonly used in motors, speakers and work holding assemblies.

    About Small Cylinder Magnets: Defined with a diameter between 0.040” (1.016mm) – 0.250” (6.35mm). The diameter and the length will determine the reach and profile of the magnetic field and performance of the cylinder magnets. C1 Ceramic Bar Cylindrical Magnet for Medical Devices, Sensors, Electronics

    Direction of Magnetization (DOM): Cylinder Magnets are manufactured so the DOM is set during the manufacturing process and cannot be changed. Available options during manufacturing for DOM:

    Through the thickness
    Across the diameter
    View Characteristics of Magnet Coatings for more information on all our coating options.

    Custom Magnets: Need custom Cylinder Magnets? Use one of the below methods to contact a magnetics specialist about your application.

    Safe Magnet Practices: Magnets are a valuable resource to engineers, innovators, product designers and DIY professionals. Always practice safe handling and keep away from children at all times.

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