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  • Arc Bonded Neodymium Motor Magnets
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  • Arc Bonded Neodymium Motor Magnets, Plastic Injection Bonded Segment Neodymium Magnets for Motor, Compression Molding Bonded Neodymium Magnets for Stepper Motor Rotor

    Arc Bonded Neodymium Motor Magnets Features:
    Type: Permanent
    Name: Bonded NdFeB magnets
    Size: Customer’s Request
    Composite: Neodymium-iron-boron
    Coating: Ni,Zn,Golden,Black Epoxy
    Certification: ISO9001,ISO14001,TS16949
    Shape: Block,disc,ring,arc,etc.
    Material: Neodymium-Iron-Boron
    Tolerance: ±0.01~0.05mm
    Application: Micro-miniature motors,IT products,office equipments,automobiles,audio & visual equipments and so on.
    Packaging Details:Bulk pack,wrapped by soft EVA./ According to the customer’s request.

    Bonded magnet materials can be created through Injection Molded and can be made from NdFeB, Strontium Ferrite or a combination of the two. Bonded magnets that are created through injection molding can be molded into complex shapes and also molded directly onto components. Bonded magnets can also be created through the process of compression bonding which offer higher magnetic output but are limited to simpler geometries than Injection Molded materials. Compression Bonded magnets can be made from either NdFeB or SmCo powders.

    Injection Molded:
    Binder Types / Nylon / PPS / Polyamide.
    Temperature Range -40c 180c
    Very Tight tolerances off tool ( 0.002 -0.003 Typical )
    Very good mechanical strength

    Compression Bonded:
    Higher Magnetic Strength due to higher magnetic particle density.
    Epoxy Binder / Resistant to normal industrial solvents and automotive fluids
    Epoxy Coat after manufacturing to prevent oxidation
    Temperature Range -40c ~165c
    “Tight” tolerances off tool
    Good mechanical strength
    Typical Bonded Magnet Applications:
    Brushless DC Motors
    Household Appliances

    General Bonded Magnet Applications:
    Materials are isotropic and can be magnetized in any direction
    Wide range of existing tool sizes are available in rings, discs and rectangles
    Exsisting Multipole magnetizing fixtures for quick prototyping
    Easily machined
    Existing Multipole rings simplify assembly verse arc segments

    Bonded ndfeb magnet is one of permanent magnet, which was composed mainly of ndfeb magnetic power and adhesive agent. It was appropriately founded around in 1970s.
    Compared to sintered neodymium magnets, the bonded magnet is much more easier to be processed in to some special shapes for some precision application, also could be assemblied easily. N54 Super Strength Magnet NdFeB Arc for Motion Actuators
    As for the magnet picture as showing is applied in the inner rotor magnet with two groove to locate the magnet.


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