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    Asynchronous Magnetic Coupling – A magnetic coupling is a device that is capable of transmitting force through space without physical contact. Attractive and repulsive magnetic forces are harnessed to perform work in either a linear or rotary fashion. In its simplest form, a magnetic coupling is comprised of two components: a driver and a follower.
    The driver is the portion of the mechanism connected to the prime mover (motor). Through magnetic interaction, the follower reacts to the motion of the driver, resulting in a non-contact transmission of mechanical energy. This non-contact power transmission has multiple benefits, including but not limited to:
    1. Isolation of components
    minimizes or eliminates mechanical vibrations through magnetic damping
    allows for the insertion of a mechanical barrier between the driver and follower to separate environments and allow operation under pressure differentials
    2. Highly tolerant of misalignment between the prime mover and load
    3. Speed variation and regulation between prime mover and load
    1, Classifications of Magnetic Couplings
    Three classifications of magnetic couplings are available, depending on the intended use of the device:
    Class 1 – Synchronous
    Class 2 – Eddy Current
    Class 3 – Hysteresis

    Introduction of Permanent magnetic coupling / Asynchronous Magnetic Coupling:
    1. Using our magnetic coupling means eliminate any possible fluid or gas leakage frm an area to another.
    2. You can comply with the various regulations designed to protect the environment.
    3. The magnetic couplings are also maintenance free and therefore it’s possible to reduce to zero the costs due to spare parts.

    Principle of operation:
    Our Magnetic coupling is a permanent magnet suitable for to transmit torque through to the magnetic field that is established between the inner and the outer rotor.
    The use of magnetic coupling is recommended in applications where it is necessary to hermetically separated two zones in order to prevent fluid or gas leakage from an area to another.
    The classic example is related to the fluid transfer pumps applications.
    In this applications the fluid must not come into contact with the external environment.
    The magnetic coupling prevents also to transmit vibration and axial and radial loads on the drive shaft.
    The magnetic coupling is a synchronous system.
    The magnetic couplings works by using the power generated by permanent magnets in order to transfer torque between two shafts not mechanically connected. face-to-face torque magnetic coupling
    No external power supply is needed! (This is permanent magnets not electro magntes)

    Using the magnetic coupling means to eliminate any possible fluid leakage from the pump forever and without maintenance.
    We have 3 types of magnetic coupling.
    1. Unthreaded Hole Type
    2. Axel Hole Type
    3.Flange Type

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