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  • Axel Hole Type Magnetic Couplings, Permanent Motor Magnetic Coupling, Neodymium Torque and Linear Couplers, Axial, Radial and Angular Misalignment Magnetic Coupling Assemblies

    Axel Hole Type Magnetic Couplings – MPCO Magnetic couplings are high-quality products with an extremely long service life, no maintenance and high torque transfer. They are primarily used in three different ways
    1st, to transfer mechanical work to a sealed container;
    2nd, to reduce the load on connected bearing systems;
    3rd, as a torque limiter in, for example, gearboxes.

    • Maintenance-free
    • Long service life
    • Corrosion-free materials
    • High torque transfer at limited volume
    • Option of 100% sealed system
    • Option of separating media
    • High-temperature solutions
    • Optional number of pole pairs
    • Cost-effective

    Unlike traditional solutions, magnetic couplings can accommodate considerable differences in eccentricity between the shafts. This results in greater flexibility in the alignment of the system – both radially and axially – and the load on the bearing system is reduced.

    Driver and Follower Structure – Application dependent. Typically based on corrosion resistance and cost constraints. flange type magnetic coupling
    Cold Rolled Steels (1018, 1045, etc.)
    · Low cost magnetic materials
    · Corrosion protection recommended
    · Low-Moderate strength

    Alloy Steels (4140, 4340, etc.
    · Low to moderate cost magnetic material
    · Corrosion protection optional
    · High strength

    Non-Magnetic Stainless Steels (316, 304, etc.)
    · Moderate cost
    · Corrosion protection not required
    · Typically used for hermetic sealed units
    · Low strength

    Magnetic Stainless Steels (416, 430, 17-4PH, etc.)
    · Moderate to High cost
    · Corrosion protection optional
    · Low-High strength dependent on heat treatment

    Nickel Super Alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, etc.)
    · Very High Cost
    · Very High Strength
    · Corrosion protection not required

    Beryllium Copper
    · Very High Cost
    · Very High Strength
    · Corrosion protection not required

    · Very low cost
    · Low strength
    · Corrosion protection not required

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