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    Axial Halbach Magnetic Bearings Technical Specifications:
    Material Neodymium Magnet
    Mold No.: MPHARM-15
    Material NdFeB Magnet, steel alloy
    Coating Passivation & Phosphating, Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, CR3+Zn, Tin, Gold, Sliver, Epoxy , Teflon and more.
    Magnetization Direction Radially Magnetized, Axially Magnetized, etc.
    Grade N35-N52 (M.H.SH.UH.EH.AH)
    Max. work Temp.: 80 ℃-200 ℃
    Size Customized Size
    Used Industrial Application
    Certification ISO9001
    Tolerance +/- 0.05mm

    A Halbach array is a special arrangement of permanent magnets that augments the magnetic field on one side of the array while cancelling the field to near zero on the other side. This is achieved by having a spatially rotating pattern of magnetisation.
    Halbach linear array combines the radial and parallel arrangement of magnets to form one-sided field, which is an obvious characteristic of Halbach. This feature indicates that Halbach magnet has very good application value in linear motor.

    1. Materials
    Magnet: Neodymium Magnet
    Hardware part: steel or aluminum

    2. Application
    Such as the brushless AC motor, voice coils, magnetic drug targeting to high-tech applications such as wiggler magnets which are used in Particle acceleratorsand Free-electron lasers. Rod Precision Micro NdFeB Magnets

    Compared with the traditional structure of the permanent magnet motor, the mutuals uper position radial magnetic field strength on the other side so greatly enhance this would effectively reduce the volume of the motor,to enhance the power of the motor density.

    rotor is no longer needed chute
    In conventional permanent magnet motor, due to the inevitable presence of the air gap magnetic field harmonics, in general, based on the rotor chute weaken its impact. In Halbach motor, because the air gap magnetic field distribution of the higher degree sinusoidal harmonic content is small, so the rotor without a chute.

    rotor can be non-core material
    Halbach magnet because unilateral field shielding effect resulting from the distribution of the magnetic material for the rotor is no longer necessary to provide access, not only to provide a larger selection of materials selected from the rotor, and the system may have a lower moment ofinertia and less good performance should be attached quickly. Flexible Neodymium Soft Magnet Tape Strips

    high efficiency permanent magnet
    Due to the results of Halbach magnetized magnets, which leads to higher operating point of the permanent magnet, generally more than 0.9, to improve the utilization of the permanent magnet.

    can use a centralized winding
    Permanent magnet motors are often used in traditional distributed windings to weaken the influence of harmonic MMFs. In Halbach motor because of its high degree of sinusoidal magnetic field distribution of the harmonic magnetic field has little effect, it can be centralized winding.
    Motor using Halbach magnet arrangement can reduce the torque ripple of the motor, thus greatly reducing the requirement for the motor bearings.

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