BB Type Small Ferrite Bead In Tape for EMI Use

/BB Type Small Ferrite Bead In Tape for EMI Use
  • BB Type Small Ferrite Bead In Tape for EMI Use
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  • BB Type Small Ferrite Bead In Tape for EMI Use, NiZn EMI Toroidal Ferrite Core, BB Soft Ferrite Core on wire, Soft BB Type Ceramic / Ferrite Magnet Core, High Impedance with 0.65mm Wire Small Ferrite Bead In Tape for EMI Use, BB Soft Magnetic Ni-Zn Ferrite Bead Core For Line Filter, BB type small ferrite bead core, Ferrite Bead Core For emi filter Made In China

    Product Name: BB Type Small Ferrite Bead In Tape for EMI Use
    Item Code: BB Type
    Type: Soft
    Composite: Ferrite Magnet (NiZn/MnZn)
    A. Excellent quality
    B. Reasonable price
    C. A variety of specifications
    D. More than 10 years experience
    E. Delivery timely
    Application: Industrial Magnet, magnetic ferrite, power transformers, and inductors
    Main Feature: EMI use, They are widely used in computers, tele-communication equipment, consumer’s electronics such as TV, VTR and audio sets, industrial automation equipment and various kinds of electronic instruments, etc.
    Packaging Details: According to customers’ requirement
    Delivery Detail: 30-60days

    Soft BB Type Ferrite Magnet Core
    1. Excellent quality
    2. Reasonable price
    3. Large production capacity
    emi ferrite bead core in tape for EMI use, high impedance BB3.5×0.8×4.7 small ferrite bead in tape for EMI use, High Impedance Small Ferrite Bead In Tape for EMI Use 3mm/5mm/7mm/9mm/13mm China Manufacturer EMI Clamp Ferrite Cable Split Core For Magnetic Power Cord

    Product Description:
    1. OEM and ODM orders are welcome
    2. High quality,best price,quick delivery
    3. Usage: It’s widely used in IT and Intelligence Electric appliances series, such as AOC, Philips, DAWOO, Haier, and other international corporation, which spread all over the world.
    4. Small orders accepted

    How Ferrite Magnets are made?
    The first is to press the dry fine powder in a die which results in an isotropic magnet (e.g. ferrite C1 grade) which has better dimensional tolerances (it will often not require any further machining to final size). The hexagonal crystal structure is random allowing the magnet to be magnetised in any direction afterwards. SCRC Type EMI Clamp Ferrite Core

    The second method involves mixing the fine powder with water to produce a slurry which is then compacted in a die in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field. The external magnetic field helps the hexagonal crystal structure align more perfectly with the magnetic field, improving the magnetic performance (e.g. ferrite C8) – the water in the slurry acts like a lubricant. This results in an anisotropic ferrite magnet with stronger magnetic properties but it will possibly require additional machining stages to give the final dimensions. SCRC EMI Snap On Core Ferrite Shielding

    EMI Ferrite Core Bead Type BB2.5X0.65X1.5 BB Type Soft Ferrite Core on wire
    Material C85
    Specification BB 2.5X0.65X1.5
    MOQ 1 PCS
    Certification SGS-ROHS, ISO9001
    Payment T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, Credit Card
    Packing Standard Export packageing by Pearl cotton, molded paper sheet, plastic trays,shrink wrap, or as customer’s request.
    Sample 1~10 pcs of free samples as per detailed project
    Noise suppression in data-processing equipment (PCs, PDAs, game consoles, etc.), and peripheral equipment (printers, hard disk drives, displays, etc.)  SCRC NiZn Material Ferrite Clamp Cores
    Noise suppression in other digital equipment (digital still cameras, DVCs, DVD recorders, mobile phones, digital audio players, optical drives, flat panel TVs/displays, fax machines, etc.) BB Type Ferrite Magnetic Bead Core

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