Black Magnetic Wreath Holder for Front Door Decor

/Black Magnetic Wreath Holder for Front Door Decor
  • Black Magnetic Wreath Holder for Front Door Decor
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    Black Magnetic Wreath Holder for Front Door Decor Part No. MPMWHG-04 Feature:
    【Scratch Free】Not suitable for wood, glass and stainless steel surfaces. No Nails or screws, drilling or damage to door. Won’t scratch, our wreath hook holds tight without leaving any marks on the door because the backside of the magnetic hook has a soft padding to protect the door or metal finish from scratches.
    【Versatile Magnetic Hook】Great for hanging garlands, decorations, signs, etc., not only for festive and Christmas decorations, but also for everyday life, such as hanging hats, coats, handbags and other everyday accessories.

    Detailed description:
    Material: magnet, iron
    Color: black
    Size: 6.5 x 4 cm (L x W)

    Super strong magnetic wreath holder, wreath hook for single and double pane glass doors. Works great on storm doors and windows!

    Parts List:
    1 x Magnetic wreath hanger
    The back of the magnet hook is designed with a magnet that will not move easily once it is attached to the metal surface.
    As a magnetic hook, it can only be used on metal surfaces such as metal doors, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
    The heavy duty hook is 6.5 x 4 cm, holds up to 4.4 lbs on steel surfaces, ideal for hanging up a wreath, coats, keys, tools or anything heavy.
    The wreath holder is made of magnet and iron, which is sturdy and wear resistant, durable and can serve you for a long time
    This magnetic hook is suitable for garages, lockers, tool boxes and even as a refrigerator hook.

    Quantity: Package includes 2 magnetic wreath hangers with strong magnet, securely holding wreaths on the door. For metal door, not for wooden door, glass door, stainless steel surface.
    Strong Magnet: The magnet is very strong, once stuck on the metal door, the wreath holder won’t move anymore. If you want to reposition the bracket, just pull the crown bracket off the metal surface with a little effort and stick it again. Put another one at the bottom of the crown just to support it and prevent it from breaking and hitting the door while it opens and closes.
    Large Hook: The magnetic wreath holder with a large hook depth of 1.6 inches, can hold most wreaths like over the door hanger. It can support a crown of up to 5 pounds.
    Invisible: The crown hook is 2.6 inches long, once the crown is attached, the hook is almost invisible.
    Anti-scratch: The wreath holder is made of iron material, and the magnet is covered with rubber, it won’t rust, can last for years. It also does not scratch the surface of the door.  Magnetic Wreath Hook for Front Door

    These hooks allow me to hang a wreath or other decoration, and with two hooks I can position one at the bottom of the wreath, turned upside down, and the wreath doesn’t bang into the door or move around in the wind.  Self Adhesive Soft Rubber Round Magnet Pads  Fridge Flexible Adhesive Soft Magnet 33x2mm

    They will not mark the door. The magnets are so strong they really stay put. No scratches, no lines, no nothing! The door is beige (HOA rules) and the soft backing on the magnets keeps the door pristine. Flexible 3M Adhesive Rubber Magnet

    A bonus – if you have a peep-hole you can position your decorations so you can still see out, which was a problem with the over-the-door hook.

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