Block Shape AlNiCo Permanent Magnet 50mm X 12mm X 6mm

/Block Shape AlNiCo Permanent Magnet 50mm X 12mm X 6mm
  • Block Shape AlNiCo Permanent Magnet 50mm X 12mm X 6mm
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  • Block Shape AlNiCo Permanent Magnet 50mm X 12mm X 6mm, Through Thickness Magnetic Direction AlNiCo Block Bar Magnet, aluminum-nickel-cobalt, Alnico Square / Rectangular Bar Magnets, Magnetic Alnico Blocks & Bars China supplier factory

    Block Shape AlNiCo Permanent Magnet 50mm X 12mm X 6mm Parameter:

    Product No.: MPBAM-501206
    Length: 50mm
    Width: 12mm
    Thickness: 6mm
    Magnet Type: Alnico
    Magnet Grade: Alnico 5
    Maximum Temperature: 540°C
    Coating: Uncoated
    Direction of Magnetism: Through Length

    Our 50mm x 12mm x 6mm Alnico Block has a length of 50mm, a width of 12mm and a thickness of 6mm.
    Customers can identify this 50mm x 12mm x 6mm Alnico Block
    Uses for our 50mm x 12mm x 6mm Alnico Block:
    There is no coating on our Alnico block range. Due to lacking a protective layer are more prone to chipping and weathering.
    Our Alnico block magnets also have a high-temperature tolerance Being able to resist demagnetization of temperatures of up to 540°C. A permanent loss in magnetism will result if exposed to temperatures above 540°C.
    Furthermore, these magnets are axially magnetized (through thickness) and are also referred to as a raw magnet due to not having any casing around the magnet itself.
    Customers use these magnets in a variety of applications such as in small sensors in electronics and general holding applications in the home, to massive separation systems in high-temperature environments.

    As a result of these being so powerful and wanting to attract to each other, we must warn you of some potential hazards.
    Magnets can be deadly if ingested, not recommended for children.
    Use eye protection while using our magnets because if two join with force they may break or shatter.
    Magnets can wipe magnetic media such as credit cards, keep magnets away from these to avoid data loss.

    Alnico Block Magnets, which include bar magnets, are often used in educational facilities from elementary school through to post-graduate work and have a wide range of experimental applications. With high residual induction compared to Neodymium and Ceramic Ferrite magnets, Alnico magnets are still very sensitive to demagnetization. Alnico magnets are the weakest of permanent magnets, however they have excellent temperature stability and very good resistance to corrosion. They are famous in audio sound recording and performance for their ability to clarify sound. Their mechanical strength is greater than either Neodymium or Ceramic Ferrite magnets because Alnico magnets are both hard and brittle.

    Magnetic Alnico Blocks & Bars: the modern day workhorses of the magnet family
    These particular magnets play a decisive role in many everyday devices that people love because they make our life easier!
    Indeed, you can find Alnico Blocks or Bars in small direct current motors (DC motors) used to power a whole host of toys but also day-to-day tools and appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, telephones, pumps, filters or security systems.
    These versatile magnets are also included in the manufacture of larger DC motors. The latter converts electrical current (or direct current) into a mechanical power (force and movement) through the action of magnetic fields, thereby producing a propulsive energy to shift electrical vehicles, elevators, hoists and generators.
    Alnico Block Magnets are employed in various measuring sensors; you can find them in temperature and pressure sensors and gauges used for coolrooms in food delivering and distribution.

    Corrosion Resistance:
    Alnico magnets exhibit a high degree of corrosion resistance and are typically employed in applications with no coatings or plating.

    MPCO Magnetics offers both cast and sintered Alnico Magnets in a variety of grades, including Alnico 2, Alnico 5, Alnico 5-7, and Alnico 8. Our large selection of available Alnico magnetic alloys helps achieve the best balance of cost, magnetic performance, and operational temperature resistance for your specific application. N52 Strong Neodymium Rare Earth Arc Permanent Bearing System Magnet


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