Cabinet Drawer Magnetic Push Open Catch Hardware

/Cabinet Drawer Magnetic Push Open Catch Hardware
  • Cabinet Drawer Magnetic Push Open Catch Hardware
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    Cabinet Drawer Magnetic Push Open Catch Hardware Specifications
    Item No. MPMC-02
    Centers: 11/16″ (18 mm)
    Total Dimensions: 1-7/8″ x 1 1/8″ x 5/8″ (33 mm x 29 mm x 16 mm)overall. Base= 1 5/16″ long.
    Opened Latch Projection: 3/4″ (19 mm)
    Color: Black
    The magnetic catch is designed with a round magnetic head, it is suitable for mounting on the metal cabinet, drawers, cupboard and so on, so that the door will close up automatically.
    It also prevents the door of cabinet and so on from the hitting of wall, it is convenient for use.

    Single magnetic touch latch without strike. Three pound pushing power. Standard type touch release with black plastic housing. Use for pop-open wood or glass doors on cabinets, entertainment centers, stereo cabinets, or china cabinets and curio cabinets. Approximately 3 to 3-1/2lb push. Recommend #5 pan head screw.
    Widely used for home furniture, glass door, cabinet, closet door, dresser, drawer, cupboard, etc.

    This magnetic touch latch uses a spring-loaded mechanism to allow for cupboard and cabinet doors to be opened and closed with a simple push; subsequently eliminating the need for handles or doorknobs.

    Black magnetic pressure catch for use on cabinet and cupboard doors with no handles.
    The door is automatically opened by simply applying pressure to the door itself, thus activating the release spring in the fitting.
    Light finger pressure on the door is sufficient to close it again. The door is held closed by the magnet gripping the steel receiver plate attached to the back (inside) of the cupboard door.
    This spring catch can be use on overlay or inset doors.
    Ideal for use on wardrobes, cabinet doors, bathroom cupboard doors.
    -Screws Not Included
    -Supplied with 1x Counterplate

    So, how do they work?
    Magnetic touch latches are fitted to the inner frame of the cabinet. A strike plate is then fitted to the inner face of the door, where the magnetic touch latch pin/cylinder would otherwise make contact with the door.

    Magnetic Touch Latches
    You can then open the cabinet door, simply by pressing the outside of the door panel. The strike plate will push the magnetic cylinder in and then release the magnetic catch; the cylinder will then pop out, subsequently pushing the door open a short way and enabling you to then open the door fully. Door Holder Magnet Latch Hardware for Home Furnitire

    Easy to Install Magnetic Catch, Mounting Hardware Included, Works with a Variety of Cabinet and Furniture Doors Overall Height 25/64″(18 mm), Base Length 1-5/16″(33 mm), Base Width 1-3/16″(28 mm) Extended Overall Length 2″(51 mm), Retracted Overall Length 1-5/8″(41 mm), Hole Spacing 45/64″(18 mm)

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