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    Car Wrap Magnet Holder Parameter:
    Part No.: MPCWMH-01
    Item:Magnet Holder
    Function:For Car Wrapping

    New Magnetic Sign Gripper is a powerful magnetic holding tool for vehicle sign appliers. Manufactured using powerful rare earth magnets, Sign-Gripper is the ideal solution for holding vinyl graphics in place on vehicle surfaces. This cleverly engineered tool consists of rubber coated neodymium, ensuring a safe contact is achieved when applying graphics to cars etc. Designed with a long handle, giving the user extra leverage when positioning often delicate vinyl media. Also suitable for other holding applications when in contact with steel surfaces.

    25lbs holding force keep your vinyl graphics in place and makes your hands free
    * The specially designed magnet has a rubber cover to help prevent scratching on your lovely vehicle
    * It is easy and flexible to align panels on vehicle and save you a lot time during working.
    * Longer handle help you move it with less force
    * Very competitive pricing from original manufacturer

    1. Very useful and convenient vinyl car wrapping application tool;
    2. Powerful magnet tool used to hold vinyl wrap and decals in place while applying;
    3. Allows easy positioning of wrap film or vinyl lettering.;
    4. The long handle makes the magnets easy to remove;
    5. The base is rubberized to prevent scratching the vinyl while wrapping;
    6. This product doesn’t come with retail package.
    7. Use in place of masking tape to accurately position graphics
    8. Fully covering the magnet Will not mark or damage printed films or wrapping films

    Sintered Neodymium Arc Magnet for AC Motors Encoders

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