Cast Alnico5 Cylindrical Button Pot Magnet

/Cast Alnico5 Cylindrical Button Pot Magnet
  • Cast Alnico5 Cylindrical Button Pot Magnet
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  • Cast Alnico5 Cylindrical Button Pot Magnet, Two-pole Rounded Horseshoe Cylindrical Alnico Magnet with Keeper, Alnico Button Holding Pot Magnet, cylinder fixing magnet, red paint Deep pot Alnico magnet China exporter

    Cast Alnico5 Cylindrical Button Pot Magnet Parameter:
    Item No. MP-ABPM-25 series
    A (Mm)25.5
    B (Mm)16
    C (Mm)5.5
    Strength (Kg) 8
    Magnetization Axial
    Weight (G) 56.88
    Temperature 350

    It is a cylindrical magnet like the “horseshoe” type. The different poles (North and South) are in either of the extremes of the cylinder. They are used for attraction purposes. Resistant to corrosion with a 500 degree Celsius operating temperature makes this magnet ideal for high-temperature, outdoor applications.

    1, Alnico Button Magnets are cylindrical type holding magnets. Horseshoe Cylindrical Alnico Magnet Button-Type
    2, The north and south poles are on the same plane and separated by a slot gap.
    3, They are supplied with a central fixing hole and the gap between the poles accepts a standard cheese head fixing screw.
    4, They are used suitable for attracting applications, light duty holding and reed switch operation.,
    5, Horseshoe shape button magnets are good for use on rough surface because of their deeper flux field due to the horseshoe design.

    The alnico button magnet is a two pole rounded horseshoe magnet usually with a hole in the centre and a slot separating the two poles. They are small generally small in size. For larger units with greater holding force the alnico horseshoe may be a better choice (or a pot magnet).
    The alnico button magnets are supplied in natural (uncoated / unpainted) and red paint finishes and the alnico button magnets are capable of operating at temperatures of up to a maximum of +550 degrees C.

    AlNiCo Button Magnet Specifications:
    ●Material is cast Alnico5.
    ●Horseshoe oriented and two poles in the same plane after magnetizing
    ●Supplied with Zinc plated keeper on poles
    ●Red painted and ground on poles
    ●With fixing holes
    ●Working Temperature is up 450

    Button Magnets Applicatons:
    ●Fixing jigs
    ●Sensors and relay switch devices
    ●High temperature gripping

    Item No. A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Force (kg)
    MP-ABPM-12 12.5 9.5 4.8 0.7
    MP-ABPM-19 19 12.5 5 1.9
    MP-ABPM-25 25.5 16 5.5 2.5
    MP-ABPM-31 31.5 25.5 7.5 4.8


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