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  • Circle Neodymium Badge Button Magnets, Metal Housing Round Magnetic Name Badge / Name Tag / Name Holder, Diameter 17mm 0.67 Inch Round Button Name Badge Circle Magnets China Factory

    Circle Neodymium Badge Button Magnets Parameter:
    Part No. MP-MNBD-09
    Brand MPCO
    Size Dia17 mm * Thickness 4.5mm
    Material  disc Neodymium magnets + Metal Housing + Adhesive
    Magnet D9.5mm N35 Ni coating
    Weight 4.6 g
    Usage To hold Name Card, attach to Clothing, etc.

    Neodymium badge magnets are made of neodymium magnets and stainless steel which are known for their strength and durability. Stainless steel is used in the front plate which doesn’t rust which can be an issue with standard safety pin style name badges. When combined with a dark blue plastic coated magnetic backplate, these name badge magnets are an effective choice that can be used in all environments without having to worry about rust.

    Name badge magnets have the added benefit of not damaging your clothes and being much safer than name badge magnets with pins. Round Magnetic Name Badge / Name Tag / Name Holder
    Every box of name badge magnets comes with 100 magnetic back plates and stainless steel front plates which combine to make 100 complete magnetic name badges.

    Situations such as family reunions, business events, the first day of class, meetings, and other social gatherings that require many people to have reusable identifying name badges.

    Our name badges come with a choice of magnetic, combination pin/clip or pin backings for greater flexibility, which allows you to choose the most suitable attachment method for your particular apparel. The badges are also available in plastic as well as metal to give our customers variety when meeting their custom name badge needs.

    MPCO also offers a reusable version for companies that have high turn-over or that need to personalize badges at a moment’s notice. Reusable name badges offer the same professional name badge look that you would expect from MPCO with personalization that can be done with a standard printer.

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