Circular Holding Solenoid Lifting Electromagnet 20Kgs 200N 30*22mm

/Circular Holding Solenoid Lifting Electromagnet 20Kgs 200N 30*22mm
  • Circular Holding Solenoid Lifting Electromagnet 20Kgs 200N 30-22mm
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  • Circular Holding Solenoid Lifting Electromagnet 20Kgs 200N 30*22mm, Small Flat-Faced Magnets, Holding Solenoid with Permanent Magnet, Small Mini Electro Holding Magnets, Round Solenoid Lifting Electromagnet for Industrial, Circular Electric Lifting Electro-Magnet, Electronically Switchable Permanent Magnets, clamping, locking or holding Electromagnets / standard  Solenoid Electromagnet China Supplier

    Circular Holding Solenoid Lifting Electromagnet 20Kgs 200N 30*22mm Feature:
    Power: 12VDC
    Size: Dia30 x 22mm
    Holding force> 20kgs
    Work Duty: 100%
    Type: holding when power is on / release when power is on
    – manufacture all electromagnet according to VDE 0580 standard
    – many different models are vailable, holding force: 1kgs – 200kgs.
    – Application: electronic machine, package machines, mechanical hands.

    Standard  Electromagnet
    Insulation Class
    Service Life
    500 Thousand
    Lead time
    5 days if have stock
    Sample Order
    Holding Force
    1 pc
    Duty Cycle
    1 Year
    Lead Wire
    Port of Loading
    Ningbo, Zhejiang

    The attraction and holding of the magnetic pieces are obtained feeding the winding inside the solenoid. When the power supply stops the electromagnet looses the piece.
    When working with loads security norms must be respected.

    Protection rate: IP65
    Insulation class: B (130ºC)
    Standard voltage: 24 VDC
    Standard duty cycle: ED100%
    Other voltages,ED and sizes: Consult

    Flying leads for every size.
    Supply possibilities under demand:
    .With campling screw from the VEM25
    .With connector from the VEM65.
    The connector (1) has 4 possibilities of direction (4×90º) and it is possible to be incorporated to the same diodes
    of rectification for alterning current connection (AC)

    Scrap Holding Electromagnets is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by an electric current. The magnetic field disappears when the current is turned off. Electromagnets usually consist of a large number of closely spaced turns of wire that create the magnetic field. The wire turns are often wound around a magnetic core made from a ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic material such as iron; the magnetic core concentrates the magnetic flux and makes a more powerful magnet. Mini Round Holding Permanent Electro-Magnet, 12V 3kg 30N Force Circule Mini Holding Electro-magnet 18*11mm

    Electro holding magnets can be used as:
    Door magnets
    Holding magnets are an essential component of a door magnet system. With the correct electromagnet, you build a secure system for automatically opening, closing or locking doors.

    Pick & place magnet
    Round electro holding magnets have a shallow magnetic field. This makes them particularly suitable for picking up, holding and unloading thin steel objects, up to 10 mm thick.

    A known problem when picking up thin sheets with a powerful electro holding magnet is a too deep magnetic field radiation which causes the system to pick up several sheets at once. The use of many small electromagnets prevents this.

    The maximum shear force is approximately 1/4 of the maximum holding force.

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