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  • Colored Vinyl Coated Roll Magnet Sheets
  • 30 Mil Colored Vinyl Magnetic Ribbon Rolls
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  • Colored Vinyl Coated Roll Magnet Sheets, Magnetic Ribbon Strips and Rolls for Crafts, Vehicle, Business & Home, Magnetic Ribbon Flexible Vinyl Sheeting, Self Adhesive Rubber Sheeting Magnet Roll, Colourful Magnetic Vinyl Rolls, Matt Glossy Colored Vinyl Flexible Magnet, Permanent PVC Printable Soft Rubber Fridge Magnets, Flexible Rubber Roll Magnet Sheet Roll Tapes China Supplier Factory

    Colored Vinyl Coated Roll Magnet Sheets Overview
    Item No.: FM-MR-28
    Type: Permanent, Flexible
    Composite: Rubber Magnet
    Shape: Roll
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    We offer a selection of vinyl laminates on our  flexible magnetic sheeting. At MPCO Magnetics, we’re committed to delivering products you can trust for your requirements, and our magnetic vinyl sheets are available to match your operational needs.
    30 mil thick Magnetic Sheeting Rolls are ideal for advertising specialties. They offer 85 lbs. of pull per square foot, making it ideal for vehicle signage as it is rated to not blow off at speeds of up to 65mph. Vinyl Magnetic Rolls can be used for direct printing using a solvent, ECO solvent or UV wide format printer. Choose from nine different color options including black, blue, brown, gold, green, red, silver, orange and tan.

    Uncoated Laminated Magnetic Sheeting

    We offer uncoated vinyl laminates as well. Matte white, gloss white, black, yellow, green, blue, red, silver, gold, and orange are standard colors. We also have a selection of custom colors.

    We have flexible magnetic sheeting in stock in several different thickness: .012” (.30 mm), .015” (.38 mm), .020” (.51 mm), and .030” (.76 mm). Our products are available in roll lengths of 25 ft. (7.62 m), 50 ft. (15.24 m), and 100 ft. (30.48 m) lengths for quick shipment.

    The width of our magnetic sheeting is up to 48 in. (1.2192 m). The sheeting is available with a width of 24.375 in. (619.1 mm) and in thicknesses ranging from .007 in. (.17 mm) to .060 in. (1.52 mm).

    To provide the best solutions for your needs, we can customize the roll lengths, depending on the magnet thickness and width, up to 3000 ft. (548.64 m). The standard roll lengths we have available are 25 ft. (7.62 m), 50 ft. (15.24 m), 100 ft. (30.48 m), and 200 ft. (60.96 m).

    We can provide the required features if you need your material unmagnetized or want it magnetized on both sides. You also have the options of standard energy (.7 MGO) or high energy (1.2 MGO) for your product. High energy is available on thicknesses .030 in. (.76 mm) and higher. Colourful Vinyl Laminated Magnetic Sheeting Roll
    The Benefits of Magnetic Vinyl

    Our vinyl magnetic sheet rolls offer a wide range of benefits for your operations. They’re convenient and easy to use, meaning that you can save on time and labor when you set up magnetic displays. Whether you’re using our products for marketing, labeling, signage, or another application, our white vinyl magnetic sheet options let you create displays in minutes. If you need to change your content, later on, you can make updates just as easily.  Colored Magnetic Rolls Custom Magnet Sheet

    With magnetic vinyl, you have the flexibility to be creative and adapt your displays as needed to match your requirements. Whatever your applications, this option makes the process of sharing your messages simpler.  30 Mil Colored Vinyl Magnetic Ribbon Rolls
    The Advantages of Choosing MPCO Magnetics

    When you work with Magnum Magnetics, you get high-value products for an affordable price. We’re dedicated to offering products made from reliable materials, so you get the best performance from your purchase. Whatever your requirements, you can depend on us for competitive rates to help you get what you need for your project. We strive to deliver trusted solutions for each product, so you get superior quality from our offerings.

    Magnetic Performance

    Grade (BH)MAX BR HCB HCJ
    Isotropic 0.5-0.7 4.0-5.6 1.5-1.7 150-170 1.2-1.4 95-111 1.9-2.0 151-159
    Anisotropic 1.3-1.6 10.4-12.8 2.3-2.6 230-260 2.1-2.3 167-183 2.4-3.5 191-278

    Physical Properties

    Working Temperature -26ºC – 80ºC (-15°F – 176°F)
    Flexibility Under the condition of 20°C (68°F), the material can be wound on a round shaft with a diameter of 12.7mm (1/2″) without cracking
    Hardness Shore D35-50
    Density 3.8 g/cm3
    Environmental Protection Confirm to EN71, RoHs, ASTM
    Safety The surface of the material is high-quality UV coating to prevent adhesion, no residue, and no damage to the surface of the article. It can also be mounted with high quality PP, which is more weather resistant
    Shape Customized

    The surface material of flexible magnet sheet

    One side with magnetic UV coating
    The other side without magnetic Glue Customized (common glue, 3M, or other)
    PVC Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Orange, Black, Grey
    PET Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Black


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