Compression Molded Hall Effect Sensor Magnets 64 Poles

/Compression Molded Hall Effect Sensor Magnets 64 Poles
  • Compression Molded Hall Effect Sensor Magnets 64 Poles
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    Compression Molded Hall Effect Sensor Magnets 64 Poles Features:
    Polars Number: 64-polars bonded magnet
    Type: Permanent
    Composite: Compression NdFeB
    Shape: Ring
    Application: Motor, Speaker, Electronics, Toys, Sensors, Encoder
    Material: Bonded NdFeB Magnet
    Coating: Black Epoxy
    Color: Black / Grey
    Magnetism direction: Multi-poles
    Sample: Avaliable

    Hall effect sensors with linear transducers are commonly integrated with digital electronics. This enables advanced corrections to the sensor’s characteristics (e.g. temperature coefficient corrections) and digital interfacing to microprocessor systems. In some solutions of IC Hall effect sensors a DSP is used, which provides for more choices among processing techniques. 88 Poles Multipolars Bonded Speed Sensor Magnets

    Hall sensors are commonly used to time the speed of wheels and shafts, such as for internal combustion engine ignition timing, tachometers and anti-lock braking systems. They are used in brushless DC electric motors to detect the position of the permanent magnet. In the pictured wheel with two equally spaced magnets, the voltage from the sensor will peak twice for each revolution. This arrangement is commonly used to regulate the speed of disk drives.

    Sensor Magnet Application
    Sensor magnets are used in Hall effect sensor ,speed sensor, reed switch, location sensor etc, We have experience to help you choose the suitable sensor magnet for sensor application.
    Such sensor magnets are widely used invehicle and industrial, include automotive motors, ABS systems, engine ignition systems, brushless motor sensor, industrial automation, robots,office automation, household appliances and a variety of security systems.
    Typical applications include:
    Throttle position sensors
    Rotational devices
    Motor speed control sensors
    Sensors for mobile device applications
    Gear shift sensor
    Brake system sensor
    Speed sensor
    Cam shaft sensor
    Fuel injection sensor
    Stearing column sensor

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