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  • Coreless Motor SmCo Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnet
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  • Coreless Motor SmCo Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnet, Air Compressor Sintered SmCo Permanent Magnet, High Curie Temperature Custom Turbomachinery Permanent Motor Generator SmCo Magnet, strong rare earth curved tile arc segment magnets, powerful precision Samarium Cobalt coreless motor magnets China supplier

    Coreless Motor SmCo Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnet YXG-32 Item No. MPCO-SMOS  series
    Customzied Specific Requirements
    OEM or ODM service: Accept
    Dimension: Customized size
    Custom Grade: SmCo5,  Sm2Co17
    Magnetization direction: Thickness, Length, Axially, Diametre, Radially, Multipolar
    Surface Treatment: UNCOATED, Silver, Gold, Zinc, Ni-cu-Ni. Epoxy etc.
    Tolerance: +/-0.02 – 0.05mm
    Application: SmCo rare earth permanent magnets are widely applied in Auto, energy-efficient Motors and Generators, Machinery, Audio/Video and Communication Equipment, Medical Device(MRI), Office Automation, Magnetic Separator, etc.

    Samarium-Cobalt magnets have the best Br temperature coefficient (-0,035%/°C) granting the absolute higher available induction above 150°C working temperature. Despite a higher cost than other magnetic materials, SmCo provides an outstanding combination of high energy, thermal stability and corrosion resistance. Protective coatings are generally not required except for particular applications.

    Samarium Cobalt Arc SmCo Coreless Motor Magnets

    Samarium Cobalt Arc SmCo Coreless Motor Magnets

    The typical final shapes such as blocks, cylinders, rings and arcs are obtained by cutting and grinding processes of pressed standard blocks or unitary compression pre-moulded part. Extremely fine tolerances can be obtained although, because of its high brittleness, it has to be handled and assembled with care to avoid chips and cracks.

    Samarium cobalt (SmCo), as the second generation of rare earth permanent magnets, not only has a high magnetic energy product (14-32mgoe), but also has a reliable force, and has a good temperature characteristic in rare earth permanent magnet series.Samarium cobalt is more suitable for working in a high temperature environment than NdFeB magnets. China High Quality and Low Price SmCo Samarium Cobalt Magnet

    YXG32 SMCO MAGNETS WITH 300°C Max Working Temp

    YXG32 SMCO MAGNETS WITH 300°C Max Working Temp

    Smco’s high magnetic force and working temperature: Compared to traditional motor, rare-earth magnet coreless motor with high efficiency, light weight, small size, good speed control, reliability, etc., can be widely used in wind power, electric vehicles, industrial motors, and other fields. In the low-carbon energy saving background, samarium cobalt market is very large. Currently in Japan and Europe and other countries use about 98% of the air conditioning inverter air conditioner, but China seldom use. inverter air conditioner has a comfortable, energy-saving features, will become a trend in the future. Turbomachine Air Compressor Sintered SmCo Permanent Magnet

    high performance, low termpeature coefficient with high working temperature 350 degree centigrade .When working over 180 degree centigrade, the maximum energy BH and steady temperature are superior than NdFeB magnet. it is not easy to corrode and oxidize as Neodymium magnets, so ineed not to be coated, demagnetization rate of <3%.
    Features: no matter how bad the environment,its performance of magnetic is still strong!

    Smco magnets can be used for coreless motor, variable frequency air conditioner, oil industry dewaxing device motor, sensors, computer disc driver, linear actuators etc, which have good application in the low-carbon , and enerty-saving

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