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    Custom Magnetic Motor Shafting by LEC MAGNETICS has rich experience experience in production of high quality permanent magnets used on rotor, stator, coupling or shaft, and as well as providing high precise magnetic assembly. Meanwhile, we also make magnetic shaft according to the customer’s sample. Below is a successful case we finished recently.

    Customer request for motor shafting

    We have a motor shafting sample, please find attached image. It will be needed in one of our assembly for initial trial purpose. If this product is successful we will need it in bulk. Can you supply as per image or we can send you the sample for your study purpose if required.

    Magnetic Assembly Manufacturer
    We can make this product. But it is better you can send us the detailed drawing or send us sample.

    Magnetic shafting sample sent magnetic motor shaft.
    Already dispatched sample for your study purpose. Looking your positive Response

    Magnetic shaft sample received
    We received your sample. Because you don’t know magnet material, metal shaft material, installing positions of bearings and accuracy requirement, our engineer needs time to test and figure out what materials for motor shafting.

    Suggestion from magnetic assembly supplier
    We suggest use sintered neodymium magnet with grade N40SH according to conventional motor working temperature. This grade magnet can work under 150℃.

    Due to Moisture climate in UK, samples will be catching rust easily. We can use superior quality metal in shaft, such as SUS410 or SUS430 instead of 40cr steel.

    In your sample, there are two ring magnets in the shaft; we will make one single ring. If you need better starting performance, it can be solved by magnetizing.

    As per your sample, 500pcs, our unit price is xxx. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question for magnet order.

    Sample needed before trial order
    Thanks for your quotation. We accept your price, please send us 10pcs sample for our trial and approval purpose. Now we are ready to pay for samples. Please let us know till when you can send the sample.

    Sample payment received
    We received your payment and sample production has been arranged.

    First magnetic shaft sample received
    Thanks we have received your sample. For your information, almost yours sample is OK. But we require little bit changes, which side bearing is fitted, Bearing number – 696zz bearing, you have to increase 0.02 microns. Hope you will understand.

    Motor shafting with tighter tolerance
    Thanks for your feedback.

    Based on your requirement, we changed the tolerance on the drawing. Please confirm this drawing.

    New sample needed and trial order begin
    Thanks for your drawing. Please arrange to send 10 Pcs of sample as per new drawing.

    We confirm the order for 250 pcs for shaft magnet (Dimension and quality strictly as per your last sample). Please confirm delivery period and send your price. SS304 / SS316 Ferrite Ceramic Magnetic Tube Filter

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