Custom Specific Requirement Samarium Cobalt Magnets D24xH30mm

/Custom Specific Requirement Samarium Cobalt Magnets D24xH30mm
  • Custom Specific Requirement Samarium Cobalt Magnets D24xH30mm
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  • Custom Specific Requirement Samarium Cobalt Magnets D24xH30mm, Diametrically & Axial Magnetized Anisotropic Samarium Cobalt Rare Earth SmCo Cylindrical Magnets for various motors, instruments, sensors, detectors, radar, Magnetic Materials High Performance High Temperature Permanent Rod Bar Motor Generator Magnets, Powerful Sintered Samarium Cobalt Cylinder Magnet China Supplier

    Custom Specific Requirement Samarium Cobalt Magnets D24xH30mm Item NO.  MPCO-SCR series
    Grade: YXG-24H/ Customized
    Material: SmCo Magnet
    Composite: Sm,Co,Fe and other trace metal elements
    Shape: Cylindrical / Cylinder / Bar / Rod
    Size: D24xH30mm or Customized magnet size
    Working Tempt. : 250℃-350 ℃
    Tolerance: +/-0.05mm~+/-0.1mm

    SmCo (Samarium Cobalt) permanent magnet
    SmCo magnets has the highest temperature of 350℃, it has high magnetic properties,excellent temperature characteristic and corrosion resistance.It is widely used in aerospace, electronic instruments, magnetic pumps, high temperature lamps, sensors andother fields.
    And it can be produced in different shapes(round, square, ring, tile, bread), different properties (SmCo5 and Sm2Co17), different sizes(Wafer diameter1≤R≤100mm,Square≤130mm)

    1. High resistance to demagnetization
    2. High energy (magnetic strength is strong for its size)
    3. Good temperature stability

    Computer disc drives, sensors, traveling wave tubes, linear actuators, satellite systems, motors where temporary stability is vital. Super Strong Small Samarium Cobalt Bar Magnets D7xH15mm

    Machining and tolerances:
    We achieve dimensional size and tolerance by cutting or grinding with super abrasives. Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) cannot be ground with conventional drilling, turning or milling processes, and must be machined before they are magnetized. Additionally, large or complex assemblies are usually magnetized prior to assembly. Standard tolerances for Samarium Cobalt magnets are +/-.05mm for ground dimensions. We stocks SmCo magnets in block, ring and disc form in a variety of sizes and grades, and we are fully equipped to produce the size and tolerance that you require.

    1:5 alloy material

    1:5 offers 16 MGOe (energy product) to 22 MGOe and is made up of approximately 50% samarium and 50% cobalt. The 1:5 series has a maximum recommended operating temperature of 250°C. SmCo 1:5 magnets require lower field strengths than 2:17 materials to magnetize. In some instances, 1:15 material may be magnetized with multiple poles, provided that a magnetizing fixture is available. Samarium Cobalt Small Rod Disc Magnets

    2:17 alloy material

    2:17 offers 24 MGOe to 32 MGOe and is composed of about 25% samarium, 5% copper, 18% iron, 2% hafnium or zirconium, with the remainder being cobalt. The 2:17 series of has a maximum operating temperature of 350°C. Special grades of 2:17 are available which can operate to even higher temperatures. SmCo 2:17 requires extremely high magnetizing fields, and multiple pole magnetization is not possible.

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