Cylinder AlNiCo Permanent Magnetoresistive Sensor Magnet

/Cylinder AlNiCo Permanent Magnetoresistive Sensor Magnet
  • Cylinder Magnetoresistive Sensor Magnet
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  • Cylinder AlNiCo Permanent Magnetoresistive Sensor Magnet, Cylindrical Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt Reed Sensor Magnet, Angle Position On-Axis Sensor AlNiCo Permanent Magnet, Cylinder Sintered and Casting AlNiCo Magnets China Manufacturer

    Cylinder AlNiCo Permanent Magnetoresistive Sensor Magnet Technical Introduction
    Item No.: MPASNM series
    Magnet Size: Ø6X30MM
    Tolerances: ±0.004″
    Material: Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt
    Grade of AlNiCo: AlNiCo500
    Shape:  Cylinder, Rod
    Max Temperature: 450℃
    Magnetization Direction: Axial or Diametrical
    Surface Gauss: Gauss

    Alnico permanent magnets are made up of alloys whose major constituents are iron, aluminum, nickel and cobalt, though other elements (e.g., copper and titanium) may be included in minor amounts. Grades of Alnico vary in cobalt content, which ranges from zero (Alnico 3) to 40% (Alnico 8). Lower grades (2, 3 and 4) are unoriented in which magnetic properties are isotropic and equal in all directions. Their magnetic output is relatively low. Anisotropic grades (Alnico 5, 6, 8 and 9) are designed to produce high magnetic output in a specified direction. Orientation is achieved during heat treatment, by cooling the product from a temperature of about 2000° F (1093° C) at a controlled rate, within a magnetic field which conforms to the preferred direction of magnetization. Cylinder AlNiCo Permanent Magnetoresistive Sensor Magnet, reed sensors magnets alnico rod

    Alnico 5, the most widely used grade, delivers energy to a magnetic circuit more economically than any of the other Alnico grades. Alnico 8 possesses the highest coercive force of all Alnico grades, as well as excellent energy per unit volume and a low reversible temperature coefficient. It is recommended for applications exposed to strong demagnetizing fields, or where space considerations dictate a short magnetic length.

    MPCO MAGNETICS has first-hand unmatched magnetic sensor design and industry experience in numerous industries and applications.
    Our engineers help you select the most cost-effective magnetic material, grade and optimized geometry for your application. Then together, we look at your environmental factors including temperature and humidity; mechanical requirements such as vibration, air gap, tolerances and electrical conductivity; and your magnetic field strength, orientation and number of poles required by your sensing IC – all to ensure your magnet needs are met the first time – even for the most critical applications. Cylinder AlNiCo Permanent Magnetoresistive Sensor Magnet

    Cylinder ALNICO5 Sensor Magnet Dimension
    ALNICO500 Ø4X12MM
    ALNICO500 Ø4X19MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6X20MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6X22MM
    ALNICO500 Ø5X20MM
    ALNICO500 Ø3X6MM
    ALNICO500 Ø3X55MM
    ALNICO500 Ø10X18MM
    ALNICO500 Ø5X15MM
    ALNICO500 Ø12X60MM
    ALNICO500 Ø7.9X25.4MM
    ALNICO500 Ø7X20MM
    ALNICO500 Ø7X21MM
    ALNICO500 Ø4.9X70MM
    ALNICO500 Ø11.9X70MM
    ALNICO500 Ø5X55MM
    ALNICO500 Ø4X28MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6X30MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6X60MM
    ALNICO500 Ø6.6X152.4MM
    ALNICO500 Ø9X100MM
    ALNICO500 Ø8X150MM
    ALNICO500 Ø4X8MM
    ALNICO500 Ø2.5X12.7MM
    ALNICO500 Ø5X10MM


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