Cylinder Rotor NdFeB Magnetic Assembly

/Cylinder Rotor NdFeB Magnetic Assembly
  • Cylinder Rotor NdFeB Magnetic Assembly
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  • Cylinder Rotor NdFeB Magnetic Assembly N45, Radially Magnetised Segment Neodymium Halbach Array Magnetic Assemblies, Radial Ring Arc Cylindrical NdFeB Assembly, Magnetic Bearing Assembly for Stator Rotor, 40mm OD x 30mm ID x 50mm thick Radially magnetised magnets for motors and generators

    Cylinder Rotor NdFeB Magnetic Assembly Tech Specification:
    Grade Neodymium N45
    Inside Diameter 40mm
    Outside Diameter 30mm on Stainless-steel
    Thickness 50mm
    Plating/Coating Nickel Coating on Magnets, surrounded by Stainless-steel outer ring
    Max Working Temp 80°C
    Direction of Magnetism 1, South on outside, North on inside ; 2, North on outside, South on inside
    High performance
    High precision
    High corrosion resistance

    Radially magnetised magnets are rare due to a complex manufacturing process. Radially magnetised magnets are mostly used in motors and generators, as well as in free energy experimentation and rare earth permanent frictionless bearings.
    This cylindrical Neodymium magnet has been radially magnetised with the north polarity on the inside and south on the outside. The outer diameter is 40mm and inner diameter is 30mm with a stainless-steel ring on the outside.

    Radial Ring Magnets are manufactured with the north and south pole on the outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID). These can be used as motor magnets, sensor magnets, and any applications were multiple or single poles are required on the OD or ID of the magnet.

    Application of Cylinder Rotor NdFeB Magnetic Assembly

    Linear Halbach arrays:
    Such as the brushless AC motor, voice coils, magnetic drug targeting to high-tech applications such as wiggler magnets which are used in Particle acceleratorsand Free-electron lasers. neodymium halbach array magnetic assemblies

    Halbach cylinder:
    Such as brushless AC motors, magnetic couplings and high field cylinders. Both brushless motors and coupling devices use multipole field arrangements.

    The Advantages of NdFeB Halbach Array :

    High Performance:
    The high performance KST Magnets can reach: N54, 52M, 50H, 48SH, 42UH, 38EH, 33AH, etc.

    High Consistency:
    The Cpk of Remanence (Br) and Intrinsic Coercive Force (Hcj) are much higher than 1.67. The consistency of the surface magnetic field and magnetic flux can be controlled at +/-1%.

    High Working Temperature:
    The magnets of MPCO can satisfy the working temperature requirements with excellent temperature resistance. The AH series with 40 kOe super-high coercive force can replace Smco magnets in most applications.

    High Anti-Corrosion:
    The perfect coating of KST Magnets can meet many anti-corrosion requirements. The salt spray test and humidity heat test of the high anti-corrosion coating Nickel+Copper+Epoxy is typically more than 1000 hours.

    Low Weight Loss:
    The super-high magnets of KST have a long lifetime with the following specifications; PCT: 130°C,humidity 100%,vapor pressure 2.7bar, 20days,average low weight loss <2 mg/cm2.

    Magnetise Direction of NdFeB Halbach Array :

    They are always anisotropic which means that they can only be magnetised in preferential direction, axially and diametrically. But by using special coils, Neodymium magnets can be magnetised in a multipoled way.
    Temperature of use is maximum 80°C to 240°C, depending on the specification, dimensions and system design.

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