Deep Pot AlNiCo Magnets without Fitting Tolerance

/Deep Pot AlNiCo Magnets without Fitting Tolerance
  • Deep Pot AlNiCo Magnets without Fitting Tolerance
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  • Deep Pot AlNiCo Magnets without Fitting Tolerance, Smooth electro zinc-plated deep pot magnet, cup magnet system, Alnico Deep Pot Holding System Zinc Plated Body without Fitting Tolerance, Mounting Magnet & AlNiCo Cylindrical Bar Rod Pot Magnet

    Deep Pot AlNiCo Magnets without Fitting Tolerance Item No. MP-DPB2-A series
    Housing, steel.
    Magnetic core AlNiCo.
    Version:Housing, electro zinc-plated.
    Note:Shielded system. Diameter “D” without fitting tolerance. Fastening possibilities are press-in, shrink-fitting or gluing.
    Deep pot magnets can be shortened by the dimension “H1” with no loss of magnetic force.
    Temperature range:max. 450°C.

    The magnetic cores of the deep pot magnets consist of neodymium (NdFeB), samarium-cobalt (SmCo) or Alnico (AlNiCo), an alloy of aluminum, iron, copper, nickel and cobalt. Depending on the material used, the magnets have a different adhesive force and react differently to high temperature requirements. Neodymium magnets are extremely strong. Alnico magnets, on the other hand, have a good adhesive force, but cannot come close to neodymium pot magnets. Samarium cobalt systems lie between the other two magnet systems due to their power development. With regard to temperature resistance, the opposite is true. Alnico systems tolerate the most heat, neodymium systems the least heat generation. The magnets reach the following maximum operating temperature: NdFeB 80 ° C / SmCo 250 ° C / AlNiCo 450 ° C.

    When installing the deep pot magnets make sure that it is directly surrounded by iron. In this case, the adhesive force is reduced by up to 15 percent. It does not matter whether the casing is galvanized or brass. A minimum distance of several millimeters between the housing and the surrounding iron solves this problem. The specific recommended distance varies, but is usually specified by the manufacturers. The adhesive force can also decrease if the magnets are used on uneven, painted or thin surfaces. Magnets Deep Pot with Pin AlNiCo

    Magnets deep pot AlNiCo without fitting tolerance drawing

    Magnets deep pot AlNiCo without fitting tolerance drawing


    Item No. D H H1 Magnetic force N
    MP-DPB2-A6 6 20 12 1,5
    MP-DPB2-A8 8 20 11 3,5
    MP-DPB2-A10 10 20 10 7
    MP-DPB2-A13 13 20 9 10
    MP-DPB2-A16 16 20 5 18
    MP-DPB2-A20 20 25 6 42
    MP-DPB2-A25 25 35 10 96
    MP-DPB2-A32 32 40 8 180
    MP-DPB2-A40 40 50 10 240


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