Disc Alnico Magnet for Sensor Ø20mm x 10mm

/Disc Alnico Magnet for Sensor Ø20mm x 10mm
  • Disc-Alnico-Magnet-for-Sensor-20mm-x-10mm
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  • Disc Alnico Magnet for Sensor Ø20mm x 10mm, sensitive automotive and aircraft sensor Alnico magnets, Alnico 2 5 8, Alnico Disc Magnets for small sensors in electronics and general holding applications, Touch Sensor, Color Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Tilt Sensor, Flow and Level Sensor

    Disc Alnico Magnet for Sensor Ø20mm x 10mm Parameters:
    Diameter 20mm
    Thickness 10mm
    Direction Of Magnetism Through Thickness
    Magnet Type Alnico
    Magnet Grade Alnico 5
    Maximum Temperature 540°C
    Coating Uncoated

    Our 20mm x 10mm Alnico Disc has a diameter of 20mm and a thickness of 10mm.
    Customers can identify this 20mm x 10mm Alnico Disc
    Uses for our 20mm x 10mm Alnico Disc:
    There is no coating on our Alnico Disc range. Due to lacking a protective layer are more prone to chipping and weathering.
    Our Alnico Disc magnets also have a high-temperature tolerance Being able to resist demagnetization of temperatures of up to 540°C. A permanent loss in magnetism will result if exposed to temperatures above 540°C.
    Furthermore, these magnets are axially magnetized (through thickness) and are also referred to as a raw magnet due to not having any casing around the magnet itself.
    Customers use these magnets in a variety of applications such as in small sensors in electronics and general holding applications in the home, to massive separation systems in high-temperature environments.

    Features include:
    • Temperature stability in high thigh-temperature applications, and a maximum working temperature of approximately 1000°F
    • Alnico bar magnets may be ground to size but not by conventional machining. We can grind them to your specifications.
    • Alnico bar magnets have high residual induction and energy product compared to ceramic magnets, and low coercive force compared to ceramic and rare earth materials (more subject to demagnetization).
    • We Alnico bar magnets in Grade 5. We can supply grade 8 upon request. For a comparison of Alnico grades, please see our chart of properties

    Dimensions are in inches. Direction of magnetization is through the length. Other sizes, shapes, and grades of Alnico are available from stock, and we can fabricate to your specifications.

    Grinding and Tolerances
    Alnico is hard and brittle, and is not suitable for drilling, tapping or conventional machining operations. Close tolerances are attained by abrasive grinding and cutting. Adams provides in-house cutting and grinding to meet your application requirements.

    ALNICO magnets are made from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper and iron. Great for high heat applications. Maximum working temperature 975°-1020° F.
    We can supply various sizes of AlNiCo magnets, according to the customer’s requests and designs. Please contact us and provide the shape, size, tolerance and grade of ALNiCO magnets. If you need assistance with your requirements, please contact us.

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