Disc Sensor SmCo Magnet Ø6×2.5mm Diametral

/Disc Sensor SmCo Magnet Ø6×2.5mm Diametral
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  • Disc Sensor SmCo Magnet Ø6×2.5mm Diametral, Magnetic Position Sensors, Round Rare Earth SmCo permanent magnets for magnetic sensors, Hall sensors, AMR sensors, GMR sensors, TMR sensor, Melexis Triaxis 3D Linear & Rotary Position Sensor

    Disc Sensor SmCo Magnet Ø6×2.5mm Diametral Data Sheet:
    Item No. Sm-SDM-6025D
    Dimensions Discmagnet Ø6 x 2.5mm (±0.05mm)
    Material SmCo, anisotrop sintered
    Plating Nickle
    Magnetization diametral
    Magn. Asymmetrie max. 3% diametral, max. 3° orthogonal (Sensor-Grade Magnet)
    Magnetic properties:
    BH(max) 212.5 KJ/m3 (typ.)
    Br 1065 mT (typ.)
    Hcj 1632 kA/m (typ.)
    Hcb 776 kA/m (typ.)
    Tc -0.032 %/°C (typ.)
    Curie Temperatur 800°C (min.)
    Working Temperatur 300°C (typ.)

    Rare-earth magnets can be divided into two distinctive groups: Sm-Co magnets and Nd-Fe-B magnets. The Sm-Co magnets are known for its powerful magnetic force. Their resistance to heat and rust are much valued properties, but lacks in mechanical strength. Along with Nd-Fe-B magnets, demands are high for these magnets because they are considered suitable materials as the market pursues for smaller and lighter products.
    Nd-Fe-B magnets can produce the strongest magnetic field among products currently available on the global market. They can be processed into any shape – round, square, or ring type, etc- according to the purpose of use. The magnets have high mechanical strength, but are not so resistant to rust, so the surface of these magnets have been specially coated and they must be used in an environment of under 80 degrees Celsius. Able to withstand high temperature of up to 350 degrees Celsius, and also rust-resistant, these magnets are suitable for medical instruments and sensor components.

    Samarium cobalt magnets are powerful magnets which can withstand high temperatures (up to 250 °C). They are made of an alloy of rare earth, samarium and cobalt. Due to their extreme rigidity, these magnets require diamond tooling if machining is needed. cylinder rod ptfe teflon coated ndfeb magnets

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