Durable Original Cast Alnico 5 Cow Magnet

/Durable Original Cast Alnico 5 Cow Magnet
  • Durable Original Cast Alnico 5 Cow Magnet
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  • Durable Original Cast Alnico 5 Cow Magnet, Standard Cast Alnico Cow Magnet Supplier, 0.625″ Diameter, 2.750″ Length, Alnico 5 Cow Pill, Powerful Sintered Alnico Bullet Cattle Magnet, cylindrical rumen and reticulum magnet Made in China

    Durable Original Cast Alnico 5 Cow Magnet Parameter:

    Part No.: MPCO-COW-11
    Material: AlNiCo 5
    Shape: Rod / Bar
    Finish: Metal / stainless steel
    Length: 2.750 inch
    Outer Diameter: 0.625 inch
    2-poled, standard cast alnico cow magnet with bright, metal finish. Non-toxic and non-corrosive.

    Helps prevent hardware disease, which can be a life threating condition.
    Solid steel construction reduces breakage of the magnet.
    This product can be used to prevent or treat hardware disease in cattle; a disease that is caused by the ingestion of metal objects.
    Magnets are often fed to cows to prevent hardware disease and to get rid of any metal objects they may have ingested while eating their regular food. This solid stainless-steel magnet is polished to a smooth, chrome-like finish with rounded ends.

    The silver bullet magnet is made of aluminum, nickel and cobalt material. It helps prevent hardware disease in cattle. Rounded ends for less stress on the animal. 2.750″ in length and 0.625 ” diameter. This AlniCo Grade 5 Bar Magnet can be used for a variety of science projects and experiments demonstrating magnetism, magnetic forces, etc.
    This magnet measures 0.625″ in diameter and is 2.750″ long. It is a basic Alnico cow magnet with a bright, metal finish. The poles are at each end.
    Cow magnets received their names from their use with diary farmers and veterinarians to help prevent hardware disease in the cattle.

    For All Uses (Science Experiments, Cows and Industrial Applications)
    MPCO-COW is our highest quality ALNICO5 cow magnet made by casting method from molten alloy. It has a smooth surface and the ends are rounded by grinding. COW MAG is the strongest ALNICO magnet with 24% cobalt. Alnico Cow Magnets in Alnico Grade 5
    MPCO-COW provides both physical strength and magnetic strength.

    MPCO-COW may be used for cows, science experiments and industrial uses as long as it is protected against excessive force.
    COW magnets are 2.750″ long and 0.625″ in diameter.
    No more sintered ALNICO magnets!

    Sintered ALNICO magnets have similar magnetic strength as casted ALNICO magnets; however, they lack physical strength because they are made of compressed metal powder. Sintered magnets brake if fallen on a hard surface. We no longer carry sintered ALNICO magnets.

    Get Wholesale Discount on Cow Magnets
    Science is a wholesale distributor of cow magnets; however, small orders are also accepted online. For order quantities of more than 1000 please call directly. All other orders must be placed online.

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