EC Type Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Ferrite Core

/EC Type Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Ferrite Core
  • EC Type Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Ferrite Core
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  • EC Type Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Ferrite Core, EC Type Transformer Soft Ferrite Core, EC Ferrite Core, EC/EER/ETD MnZn Ferrite Core For Transformer, PC40 EC/EER/ETD Ferrite Core For Transformer, Ec49/25/16 Ferrite Core High Permeability Mnzn Core Ec Type China Supplier

    EC Type Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Ferrite Core (EC Type MnZn Soft Ferrite Core)
    Material: MnZn.(Manganese,Zinc)
    Application: Line Filter,choke coil, light driver transformer.
    Initial Permeability: Initial permeability,
    Ui :2000-15000,include power and high permeability material
    Certificated: ISO9001-2008, SGS-ROHS.
    MOQ: No MOQ for the trial order.
    Samples: 10-50pcs free samples for freight collect.
    Features: Working frequency below 1MHZ, 1khz,10khz,100khz-500khz with good performance inductance AL value and small core loss.common material is MnZn power material . Curie TC>200C°.
    Necessary information before quote: Product size,material or characteristic or testing datasheet,order quantity, usage, it will be better if can provide drawing,other special requirements, like package..

    Ferrite Core EC transformer core high frequency transformer core.
    Material: MnZn(Manganese,Zinc).
    EE,EC,EER,ED,EI,U,PQ,T,EFD,EPC,UY,URS MnZn soft ferrite core commonly used for transformer, power switch, common mode choke, high current transformer, advantage is high permeability, low core loss factor, and low price compared with other Nanocrystalline, Ironpowder,sendust..

    Initial Permeability: Initial Permeability(μi) :2000-15000.(Independent Formula)
    Certificated: ISO9001-2015, SGS-ROHS,REACH.
    AL value: As customer’s requirements.
    Curie TC: 140°C-265°C
    Winding turns: As customer’s requirements;
    MOQ: No MOQ for the trial order.
    Samples/delivery: 5-10pcs free samples for freight collect. /5-7days
    Type of payment: T/T, Western Union, L/C, Escrow, Paypal,etc. D/P.
    Export License: Yes(Factory Directly)

    Transformer Soft Ferrite Core Description of the “E” patterns

    The “E” patterns are sought that are easy to assemble, could be interleave to minimize gap effects, and would minimize waste. Since “E” cores have two open coil sides, they provide substantial room to bring high current lead wires out from the coil. It is easier to achieve high voltage electrical isolation with an “E” core. In the typical “E” lamination, the center leg (one of three legs) is twice the width of either outer leg. In theory, magnetic flux flowing out of the center leg divides equally and flows into the outer two “E” core legs. Since the outer legs handle half the flux they only need to have half the cross-section that the center leg has. It is easier to achieve high voltage electrical isolation with an “E” core than with a pot core.

    Presentation of EC-core, EER-core and ETD-core

    EC-core, EER-core and ETD-core are examples of type “E” cores with round center legs. The combined cross section of the two outer legs of EC-core, EER cores and ETD cores should equal or exceed that of the center leg. The core stack is a stack of laminations and the typical stack has core legs of rectangular cross-section. Typically the inductor or transformer coil is placed over the center core leg. To minimize winding resistance (hence also minimize winding losses) it is desirable to have a round center leg. A round center leg also eliminates the sharp bend encountered when winding wire around a rectangular leg; consequently a round center leg permits use of larger wire. Achieving round center legs with laminations is possible but very impractical. With the development of powdered cores and ferrite cores it became practical to have a round center leg. EC-core, EER-core and ETD-core type, such as EER42, EER40, EER20, EER35, EER28, EER30, EER34, EER43, EER45, EER50, etc, ferrite cores are developed for higher power higher frequency switching transformers.


    EER cores and ETD cores are usually larger, but have a wide winding area, which makes them particularly good for higher power designs or multiple output designs. Remember a larger core size will be needed for a margin wound type transformer than for a triple insulated type to allow room for the margins. EER cores with round center leg offer ideal features for the design of SMPS transformers chokes. We offer various EER cores and ETD cores, including EER42, EER40, EER20, EER35, EER28, EER30, EER34, EER43, EER45, EER50, EER49, EER25.5, EER55, EER54, EER53, ETD29, ETD34, ETD39, ETD49, ETD44, ETD10, ETD41, ETD32, ETD59, ETD31, and ETD22. Please find our details of ETD-core and EER-core by types and dimensions data shown as below. High Frequently Soft Ferrite Core Toroid Bobbin

    Transformer Soft Ferrite Core PC40 Material CP4EC25/9 MnZn EC Type Soft Ferrite Core PC40 Material, EC/EER Type High Quality Transformer Ferrite Core,  EC Type Transformer Core MnZn Ferrite Material  MnZn Transformer Core, E Type Transformer Ferrite Core



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