Educational Block Alnico Magnet 60mm x 15mm x 5mm

/Educational Block Alnico Magnet 60mm x 15mm x 5mm
  • Educational Block Alnico Magnet 60mm x 15mm x 5mm
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  • Educational Block Alnico Magnet 60mm x 15mm x 5mm  Red / Blue for School, AlNiCo Block magnetic teaching supplier Bar sharp Educational Magnet, Alnico blocks aluminum-nickel-cobalt, Alnico Square / Rectangular Bar Magnets China supplier factory

    Educational Block Alnico Magnet Parameter:

    Product No.: MPABM-601505
    Length: 60mm
    Width: 15mm
    Thickness: 5mm
    Direction of Magnetism: Through Length

    Alnico Block Magnets, which include bar magnets, are often used in educational facilities from elementary school through to post-graduate work and have a wide range of experimental applications. With high residual induction compared to Neodymium and Ceramic Ferrite magnets, Alnico magnets are still very sensitive to demagnetization. Alnico magnets are the weakest of permanent magnets, however they have excellent temperature stability and very good resistance to corrosion. They are famous in audio sound recording and performance for their ability to clarify sound. Their mechanical strength is greater than either Neodymium or Ceramic Ferrite magnets because Alnico magnets are both hard and brittle.

    Alnico magnets Alnico blocks, Alnico Block Magnet 50mm x 15mm x 10mm Red / Blue
    In the casting of the alnico block, as the material is fragile, we can only modify the block at the same moment. The reaction of the alnico block towards oxidation is correct.
    In the thermal treatment, the orientation of the material will be defined, obtaining the magnetic field with the defined magnetization direction.

    Type: Permanent
    Composite: AlNiCo Magnet
    Shape: U- shape, horseshoe shape, bar shape,cylinder shape
    Application: Industrial Magnet
    Product name: Bar sharp Educational Magnet
    Size: 60*15*5mm
    Custom Design: Welcome
    Material: Alnico 5 magnet, Alnico 3 magnet, Ferrite magnets Y25,…
    Color: N-red /S-blue,or other painting color as per customer’s request
    Service: According to customer’s requirements
    Sample: Available
    North and South Pole: North & South Identified
    Working Temperature: 350~500℃
    Density: Ferrite magnet 4.8g/cm3, Alnico magnet/7.3g/cm3

    Corrosion Resistance:
    Alnico magnets exhibit a high degree of corrosion resistance and are typically employed in applications with no coatings or plating.

    MPCO Magnetics offers both cast and sintered Alnico Magnets in a variety of grades, including Alnico 2, Alnico 5, Alnico 5-7, and Alnico 8. Our large selection of available Alnico magnetic alloys helps achieve the best balance of cost, magnetic performance, and operational temperature resistance for your specific application.

    An ideal material in high temperature applications, which has high operating temperature up to 550°C and above, with excellent corrosion resistance. They can become partially demagnetized if they come in contact with other ferrous materials, special care is required during handling and storing.

    Usually cast and grinded during production, they are available in various grades depending on its application. Others such as sintered Alnico have lower magnetic properties but offer higher mechanical characteristics.
    Applications: Cast Alnico Magnet: automobile parts, instrumentation, electroacoustics, motor, teaching and aerospace military, etc
    Sintered Alnico Magnet: instrumentation, communication, magnetoelectricity switch and various sensors, etc.

    Working Temperature:
    Grade Temperature
    LN10-LN12 450ºC
    LNG34-LNG60 525ºC
    LNGT18-LNGT80 550ºC
    FLNG10-FLNG12 450ºC
    FLNGT18-FLNGT20 550ºC
    FLNG34-FLNGT28 525ºC
    FLNGT36J-FLNGT48 550ºC
    B-LNG7-B-LNG8 200ºC

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