EE Type Soft Magnetic Core Mn-Zn Ferrite

/EE Type Soft Magnetic Core Mn-Zn Ferrite
  • EE Type Soft Magnetic Core Mn-Zn Ferrite
  • Ferrite EE Cores
  • EE Soft Ferrite Cores
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    EE Type Soft Magnetic Core Mn-Zn Ferrite Features

    Model Number
    EE Mn-Zn ferrite core
    Ferrite Magnet


    EE / EF cores are used as power shapes in electric circuits such as inductors and transformers. They are an ideal material to use at low frequencies where large inductances are required. The cores offer the advantage of material permeability and have a uniform cross-sectional area. They do not have any gaps, so the leakage is very low. This is why the toroidal core windings are commonly used in current and instrument transformers.

    Work process
    Powder material is put in storage
    Count. Granulation mobility Bulkdensity Water content and SGS
    Pressing SPC Press follow up. Size and Density of green cores
    Product output, size, electromagnetic performance, mechanical strength and density

    Mn-Zn Ferrite Core
    We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our prototyping
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    1.Core material:MnZn Power Ferrite Magnet or NiZn
    2.High quality and Competitive price
    3.Supply samples free with short delivery time
    4.Suitable for wide range of transformer bobbin.
    5.Supply matched Bobbin for Core
    6.Supply with the service of grind air-gap
    8.Customized are always welcome.

    For more information on Ferrite Shapes, visit the Technical Documents library for the Ferrite Core Catalog. Other reference materials including technical bulletins, application notes and white papers are also available for download. ​

    E, I Cores
    E cores are less expensive than pot cores, and have the advantage of simple bobbin winding plus easy assembly. E cores do not, however, offer self-shielding. Lamination size E cores are available to fit commercially offered bobbins previously designed to fit the strip stampings of standard lamination sizes. Metric and DIN sizes are also available. E cores can be pressed to different thicknesses, providing a selection of cross-sectional areas. Typical applications for E cores include differential, power and telecom inductors, as well as broadband, power, converter and inverter transformers.
    Industry standard E core sizes include: E65, E80, E100
    Hardware: E core bobbins for different cross sections are available. E cores can be mounted in different directions and, if desired, provide a low profile. Printed circuit E core bobbins are available for low profile mounting.

    EFD Cores
    The industry standard economical flat design of EFD cores offers excellent space utilization for transformers or inductors. The optimized cross-sectional area is ideal for very flat compact transformer applications. EFD cores are ideal for compact transformers and inductor applications.
    Industry standard EFD core sizes include: EFD10, EFD12, EFD15, EFD20, EFD25, EFD30
    Hardware: EFD core accessories are available.

    ETD Cores
    ETD cores are an economical choice for transformers or inductors. ETDs offer a round centerpost for minimum winding resistance. Also, dimensions are optimized for power transformer efficiency. Typical applications of ETD cores include differential inductors and power transformers.
    Industry standard ETD core sizes include: ETD29, ETD34, ETD39, ETD44, ETD49,ETD54, ETD59
    Hardware: ETD core accessories are available.  Customization T Type Soft Ferrite Cores Toroid

    EER Cores
    EER cores (sometimes referred to as ER cores) are an economical choice for transformers and inductors. The round centerpost offers the advantage of a shorter winding path length than the winding around a square centerpost of equal area. Differential inductors and power transformers are typical applications of Magnetics EER cores.
    Industry standard EER core sizes include: EER28/14, EER28/17, EER35, EER40, EER42,EER48, EER54
    Hardware: EER core accessories are available.  Mn-Zn Chokes Ferrite Bead Toroid Cores EE Magnetic Core

    EC Cores
    A cross between a pot core and an E core, EC cores have a round center post that provides a wide opening on each side, and therefore minimum winding resistance. The long legs support low leakage inductance designs. EC cores are typically used in differential inductor and power transformer applications.
    Industry standard sizes include: EC35, EC41, EC52, EC70
    Hardware: EC cores have standard channels for clamping assemblies. Plain EC bobbins, EC printed circuit bobbins and EC clamps are available for most sizes.   Toroid Core MnZn Ferrite Ring  EE Magnetic Core

    U, I, UR Cores
    U shape cores are ideal for higher power operation in tight spaces or unusual form factors. The long legs of a U core support low leakage inductance designs and facilitate superior voltage isolation. U/I combinations facilitate economical assembly. U cores are ideal for power transformer applications.
    Industry standard U and UR core sizes include: U26, U93, U100, U126, UR42, UR59
    Corresponding I cores are available for most sizes.

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