EE8, EE11, EE10, EE19, EE20 Transformer EE Ferrite Core w/o Plastic

/EE8, EE11, EE10, EE19, EE20 Transformer EE Ferrite Core w/o Plastic
  • EE8, EE11, EE10, EE19, EE20 Transformer EE Ferrite Core wo Plastic
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  • All Magnetic Grade for Sintered & Bonded Magnets
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  • All Payment Accepted
  • EE8, EE11, EE10, EE19, EE20 Transformer EE Ferrite Core w/o Plastic, EE Mn-Zn Ferrite Core Iron Powder Core For Transformer, E Shape Transformer Core in China, EE Type Soft Magnetic Core Mn-Zn Ferrite, E Core EE Core, MnZn Ferrite Sendust Cores, Ferrite Core Magnets, Small Size Soft Ferrite EE Core Magnet, Soft Ferrite Cores China Factory Supplier

    EE8, EE11, EE10, EE19, EE20 Transformer EE Ferrite Core w/o Plastic Features
    Model Number EE8, EE11, EE10, EE19, EE20, EE12, EE13, EE5, EE6, EE12, EE13, EE5, EE6, EE16A
    Type Soft
    Composite Ferrite Magnet
    Shape EE
    Application Industrial Magnet
    Tolerance ±10%
    Material Mn-Zn Ferrite Core
    Certification ISO9001:2015
    Frequency 1khz-1mhz
    Curie TC 140°C-265°C
    Type of payment T/T, Western Union, L/C, Paypal,etc. D/P.
    AL value As customer’s requirements.
    Why choose us
    1.30 years experiences soft ferrite core manufacturer.
    2.Good quality products with factory price.
    3.Enough production capacity provide good delivery time.
    4.Special products customized accepted.
    5.Good aftersales services.


    EE / EF cores are used as power shapes in electric circuits such as inductors and transformers. They are an ideal material to use at low frequencies where large inductances are required. The cores offer the advantage of material permeability and have a uniform cross-sectional area. They do not have any gaps, so the leakage is very low. This is why the toroidal core windings are commonly used in current and instrument transformers.

    Mn-Zn Ferrite Core
    We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our prototyping
    capability enhance our clients to build their product rapidly.Out standing quality- What is important to you, is important to
    us.Attentive service- When you are satisfied, we are satisfied.Soft iron core
    1.Core material:MnZn Power Ferrite Magnet or NiZn
    2.High quality and Competitive price. Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Ferrite Core EE Core
    3.Supply samples free with short delivery time
    4.Suitable for wide range of transformer bobbin.
    5.Supply matched Bobbin for Core
    6.Supply with the service of grind air-gap  EE Soft Ferrite Cores
    8.Customized are always welcome.

    1. EE25 CORE ferrite core in cheap quad core phone kingelon g9000 Magnetic Materials
    2.PC40 MnZn soft ferrite core
    3.14 years manufacture experience ferrite core transformer
    4.Supply the matched transformer bobbin,and could make the transformer
    5.Provide the sample for free and the delivery time is short
    6..Best good quality and most competitive price with best after-service

    Product Name Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Core EE Core
    Model Number EE/EF/ETD/EI/EP/EPC/EFD/ET, Mn-Zn Ferrit
    Material Mn-Zn Ferrite Core
    Tolerance ±1%
    Quality 100% Tested
    Type EE Core, EI Core, PQ Core, ETD Core
    Condition Brand New and Original
    Certification RoHS
    Package Carton /Make to order
    Payment terms T/T/Wire Transfer/Western Union/L/C
    Shipping way: DHL FEDEX UPS EMS TNT
    Application EE,EC,EER,ED,EI,U,PQ,T,EFD,EPC,UY,URS MnZn soft ferrite core commonly used for transformer, power switch, common mode choke, high current transformer, advantage is high permeability, low core loss factor, and low price compared with other Nanocrystalline, Ironpowder,sendust..

    Q:How about your after-sale service?
    1.365 day warranty
    2.20 days refund without reason
    3.If the customer has any questions,we will provide technical support timely.

    Q:What are the advantages of your products?
    1.We have all models of material, save you time looking for it.And recommend materials for you if you need.
    2.With the same quality products,we can give you best price. Inquiries to after-sale, we will provide good service,such as update product status, technical support etc.(24 hour online)
    3.We have many stocks, and the delivery time usually is short.  EE Mn-Zn Ferrite Core Iron Powder Core For Transformer

    Q:What is your MOQ?
    A:No MOQ.we accept small orders. Because we believe that small orders may become big orders in the future.

    Q:If I place an order, how long will it take to deliver?
    A:It usually takes about only 2-3 days after receiving the payment, depends on the quantity ordered and the stock status.

    Q:Do you have OEM/ODM?  Magnetic Ferrite EE Transformer Cores
    A:Yes. we have our factory.Please tell us your requirement,we will reply as soon as possible,we offer custom packaging and printing services for your convenience..

    Q:How do you test the product before they are packed?
    A: We have the strict QC procedure, each product will be tested with professional procedures before packing.

    If you didn’t find the material you wanted on our platform. Please don’t leave right away.You can click contact supplier.Our company has all models of materials, but not all of them are displayed on the platform.

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