Factory Direct Flexible Magnetic Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll

/Factory Direct Flexible Magnetic Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll
  • Factory Direct Flexible Magnetic Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll
  • Flexible Magnetic Rubber Roll Anisotropic Ferrite
  • 30 Mil Matte White Strong Flexible Magnet Rolls
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    Factory Direct Flexible Magnetic Rubber Magnet Sheet Roll Overview
    Item No.: FM-MR-19
    Type: Permanent, Flexible
    Composite: Rubber Magnet
    Shape: Roll
    Application: Industrial Magnet

    This premium Superior Graphic Resources film is made with a special quality Magnetic Roll which extremely strong and flexible. Item is designed to adhere to Ferrous surfaces (ex. Steel, Iron) This product does not adhere to Aluminum, Plastic, or Stainless steel. It is also not designed for use on ceilings or surfaces where it is mounted upside down. This product is design for mounting on flat horizontal surfaces (ex. car doors). This product’s magnetic strength is designed to only be strong enough to hold its self horizontally on a clean smooth flat surface.

    Wide rolls of magnetic rubber sheeting in a range of widths and lengths. Available with a range of backings, such as self-adhesive, glossy white (or coloured) PVC, and plain uncoated rubber.

    Quick Details:
    Material: Matte White
    Flexibility: Strong & Flexible
    Hardness: Soft
    Thickness: 30 Mil(0.03″”””) Thick
    Pack: Comes in 1 Roll Pack
    Feature: Magnetic and erasable
    Folded: Yes

    Foldable and flexible, easy to mount, stock, delivery, flexible magnet material
    Erasable, can be used repeatedly
    Longevity, surface lifespan
    Difference size, thickness, styles are available
    Magnetic: can be stick to the metal surface directly, can also place magnetic buttons on it
    Environment friendly with flame retardant and aging characteristics

    Flexible magnetic material is easy to use and extremely versatile. You can cut, slice, print and decorate it, and it adheres to multiple surfaces.
    Create magnetic vehicle graphics, banners, retail POP displays, wall coverings, promotional magnets, signage, crafts, and more. Its usefulness is what makes flexible magnet the top choice for countless consumer and commercial projects.  Superior Strong Flexible Magnet Roll with Matte White Vinyl

    Plain magnetic sheeting serves many different purposes, based on your needs. One side is magnetic and the other is plain for you to add your own adhesive or printed laminate. Engineered for indoor and outdoor use, simply adhere your design to the weak side of the magnet or use it on non-metallic surfaces.  Magnetic Sheeting Roll for DIY Crafts, Classroom, Vehicle, Business & Home.  Superior Graphic Supplies Magnetic Sheet Roll for Crafts

    Magnet sheeting is a wildly versatile product that can easily change to suit the advertising needs of a business. Our collection of magnet sheeting comes in plain, adhesive, matte, glossy or colored vinyl, with many different sizes and thickness options. Other items in the flexible magnet collection include magnetic labels, pre-cut sheets, 39.5” and 45” wide magnetic rolls, magnet strips, magnetic receptive materials and much more.  Flexible Magnetic Rubber Roll Anisotropic Ferrite

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