Ferrite Ceramic Cylinder Magnet 10mm x 10mm C5 / Y30BH

/Ferrite Ceramic Cylinder Magnet 10mm x 10mm C5 / Y30BH
  • Ferrite Ceramic Cylinder Magnet 10mm x 10mm C5 Y30BH
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  • Ferrite Ceramic Cylinder Magnet 10mm x 10mm C5 / Y30BH, Rod Bar Sintered Hard Ferrite Permanent Magnets for Hobbies, Handcrafts, Crafts and Science, souvenirs fridge magnets, Therapy Ceramic Magnets, extremely hard and brittle oriented (anisotropic) and non-oriented (isotropic) Low Cost Ferrite Rod Magnet, whiteboard magnets and educational magnets, Ceramic Cylindrical Magnets China Supplier

    Ferrite Ceramic Cylinder Magnet 10mm x 10mm C5 / Y30BH SPECIFICATIONS:
    Material : The cheapest magnetic material,main contents including ferric oxide ,barium and strontium.
    Type : Permanent
    Size : Diameter 10mm X  10mm height Ferrite / ceramic rod magnet
    Shape : Cylinder, Rod, Cylindrical, Bar
    Grade: C5 / Y30BH
    Colour : Dark charcoal gray
    Direction of Magnetization: Axially magnetized thru the height
    Depending on the application of our FERRITE Magnet, we have a choice of discs, rings and blocks.
    Some applications are crafts, souvenirs, fridge magnets, whiteboard magnets.

    Pull Force: 0.56 kg/1.235 lb
    Direction of Magnetization: Axially magnetized thru the height
    Grade: Y30BH
    Gauss: 1789
    Weight: 5.00 gm/0.176 oz
    Style: Ceramic cylinder
    Dimensions: Diameter: 10mm/0.39″
    Height: 10mm/0.39″

    Uses for our ferrite cylinder magnets:
    TOOT! TOOT! All aboard! When it’s time to play these ferrite cylinder magnets, 10mmx10mm, come out in force and find their way onto, into and around many toy train set assemblies. As a fastening method that is permanent and removable, safe and secure, reliable and reusable these little cylinders are just the ticket.

    Seated in wheel and brake systems of model trains magnets ensure the smooth delivery of mechanical power. These magnets are also deployed to secure components of the locomotive, carriage linkages and help join sections of the rail track. Pieces of the boundary fence can be joined by magnets posing as hinges allowing for simple and secure configurations with failsafe coupling and decoupling at an intuitive pull force. Ferrite Cylinder Permanent Magnet 8mm x 20mm

    Train set platforms, water tanks, guards, tea and fruit sellers can be secured in place with ferrite cylinders embedded and repositioned securely when required. These permanent magnets drive and regulate the small motors that provide the propulsion for the locomotive, the rolling stock and the platform lights.

    Attached to the locomotive, disguised as just another moulded plastic component, these cylinder magnets can trigger a reed switch housed in the rail track work to allow the train assembly onto a different section of track. The magnet on the locomotive can be overridden or over powered by the proximity of a more powerful magnet near the reed switch, a function the operator chooses by prompting a model track worker to shift the position of the more powerful magnet 15mm or so.

    The approaching magnet closes an electronic circuit via the reed switch once the more powerful magnet has been levered away and switches the track configuration. Once the hidden magnet has passed on its way the reed switch reverts to its former position, reverting the track alignment to its previous configuration. That is until the operator chooses to subject the reed switch to magnetic force and change track again.

    Ferrite cylinder magnets are widely used in the manufacture of games requiring magnetically held objects such as travel chess sets and other board games. Also used in car audio systems as they suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits.

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