Ferrite Round Memo Magnets D16mm

/Ferrite Round Memo Magnets D16mm
  • Ferrite Round Memo Magnets
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    Ferrite Round Memo Magnets Features:
    Mould No. MP-DOFM16
    Diameter D 16mm
    Highth H 7mm
    Weight (kg): 0,003
    Pull Force (g): 300
    Color: Blue, Grey, Black, Orange, Purple, Yellow or customer’s request
    Magnetization: Magnetized Through the Thickness

    Plastic Cap Ferrite Magnets – The Assorted colors memo magnets are ideal for white boards, notice boards, planning charts and fridges. Inside the plastic casing lies a small but powerful ceramic magnet, which provides a safe position. In the classic round shape of this is quite small magnetic reside a surprisingly magnet, which is not commonly available.

    Round Magnets with Flat Top – Our plastic capped magnets are used on office whiteboards, planning charts, noticeboards and fridges.
    Hold up to 5-20 A4 sheets to the board / fridge. small round plastic capped ferrite magnets
    Various colour options for the magnetic noticeboard marker magnets.
    Larger diameter versions have greater performance (they are premium noticeboard magnets).
    All are Flat topped with an easy to grab design (ergonomic design).

    These kinds of magnets are suitable for planning and organizing in warehouses or offices. Their ease of placement and low cost make them ideal for planning purposes, graphics and holding notes against ferrous metal noticeboards.
    Various shapes, sizes and colours, in ferrite or neodymium are available. Consult with our sales department if bespoke products are required. They can be individually printed (max. 4 colours), when quantities are greater than 1000 pieces, in the following colours: blue, yellow, green, orange, red, black, gray, violet and white.
    Maximum working temperature:80ºC

    We also use them for simply holding paperwork together in one place; Coloured Magnetic Buttons are used on our office whiteboards, filing cabinets, warehouse racking, and metallic cubicle backings.

    It is possible to print onto them if you have the correct equipment (or ask for for a custom production price – we can do this for you), Please contact us if you require assistance or a quotation.

    Mould No. Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Pull Force (g)
    D H
    MP-DOFM10 10 6.5 0,0015 70
    MP-DOFM16 16 7 0,003 300
    MP-DOFM20 20 7 0,005 400
    MP-DOFM25 25 8 0,0067 700
    MP-DOFM30 30 8 0,0145 1000
    MP-DOFM35 35 12 0,371 3000
    MP-DOFM40 40 8 0,023 1200
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