Ferrite Toroid Cores for High Temperature Inductors

/Ferrite Toroid Cores for High Temperature Inductors
  • Ferrite Toroid Cores for High Temperature Inductors
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    Ferrite Toroid Cores for High Temperature Inductors – Toroidal cores are used as power shapes in electric circuits such as inductors and transformers. They are an ideal material to use at low frequencies where large inductances are required. The cores offer the advantage of material permeability and have a uniform cross-sectional area. They do not have any gaps, so the leakage is very low. This is why the toroidal core windings are commonly used in current and instrument transformers.

    Benefits of using Ferrite Toroids
    Before we jump on to the two categories of Ferrite Toroids, it’s important to understand more information on what toroids are. Toroids are widely used as power shapes in electric circuits for the following benefits:

    Cooler operating temperature
    Lower magnetizing current
    Lesser noise
    Lower operating temperature
    Higher efficiency

    Applications of Toroidal Cores  Toroid MnZn O Core Ferrite
    Security system
    Power distribution equipment
    Telecommunication system Power Inductor Toroid
    Pulse transformer
    Energy meters for current sensing  Toroid MnZn Ferrite Core
    EMI and EMC
    Medical equipment

    Manganese Zinc (MnZn) Ferrites

    This general type of ferrite can be manufactured in several different vastly different grades by altering its composition and processing. Initial relative permeability (at 25 degrees Centigrade) can range from several hundred to twenty thousand. Saturation (at 25C) ranges from 3.5 to 5 kilogauss. The curie temperature can range from 100 to 300 degrees Centigrade. Material grades have been developed for particular groups of applications such as power, broadband, E.M.I./R.F.I. filtering, ripple filtering, tuning, and others. The useful frequency range for most of these materials is 1 megahertz and less (with suitable flux density de-rating), but some types approach 9 megahertz. Manganese Zinc ferrites have very low porosity. Ferrite Toroids Toroidal Cores for Transformers
    Component of MnZn core

    The present MnZn core relates to a typical oxide magnetic material having soft magnetism, and more particularly to MnZn material and soft ferrite material suitable for low-loss materials for use in magnetic regulators, switching power supplies, various inductance elements, impedance elements for EMI countermeasures, electromagnetic wave absorbers, and so forth. An MnZn ferrite core is including base components of 44.0 to 49.8 mol % Fe2O3, 4.0 to 26.5 mol % ZnO, 0.8 mol % or less Mn2O3, and a remainder of MnO; MnZn power is containing 0.20 (0.20 excluded) to 1.00 mass % CaO as additive; and MnZn material is having a resistivity of 1.5 × 10<4> OMEGA m or more and a surface resistance of 1.5 × 10<7> OMEGA or more.
    Advantages of MnZn ferrite core

    MnZn ferrite core have many advantages: High resistively, Wide range of operating frequencies– The suitable frequency range for this soft ferrite material runs from 1kHz to 1GHz. Low loss combined with high permeability, Time and temperature stability, Large material selection, Versatility of core shapes, Low cost, Light weight, Ferrites may be, and are, “tailor-made” within technological limits, to meet desired characteristics for electronic components. This is accomplished principally by varying the chemical composition of the materials and by making appropriate changes in processing procedures.

    We manufacture high performance, high quality, high accuracy and small size MnZn ferrite core such as EER core, MnZn ETD core, RM core, UYF core, EP core, EPC core, UY core, EFD core, LP core, PQ core, URS core, UF core, T core, EI core and EE core in China. We try to improve our technology and quality, and ship out our MnZn material for all over the world as the expert manufacture of soft ferrite material. Please find our characteristics of MnZn power ferrite material by types and material data shown as below.


    MnZn Power Ferrite Material Characteristics

    Characteristics Materal Unit F2B F2BD F2B1 F2A F3
    Initial Permeability μi 2500 ± 25% 2500 ± 25% 2300 ± 25% 2400 ± 25% 3000 ± 25%
    Amplitude Permeability μi / 3200min 3000min 3000min /
    Saturation magnetic flux density (H=1194A/M) 25 ℃ mT 500 510 510 510 470
    100 ℃ mT 390 390 390 390 370
    Remanence Br 25 ℃ mT 115 110 100 110 120
    100 ℃ mT 65 60 55 60 85
    Coercivity 25 ℃ A/m 15 12 14 13 12
    100 ℃ A/m 12 10 9 6.5 7.0
    Pcv Power Loss 25KHz 200mT sine wave 25 ℃ kW/m3 164 / / / 168
    100 ℃ kW/m3 154 / / / 154
    100KHz 200mT sine wave 25 ℃ kW/m3 / 700 600 600 /
    100 ℃ kW/m3 / 600 410 300 /
    120 ℃ kW/m3 / / 500 380 /
    Electrical resistivity ρ Ω-m 6.0 9 6.5 6.5 /
    Curie temperature Tc 220 230 215 215 190
    Density d kg/m3 4.8×103 4.8×103 4.8×103 4.8×103 4.8×103
    Notes:*applied field 1600A/m;**atf =500kHz and B30mT .The values in each column are typical ones , no including special requirements of customers ,it should be emphasized in contract if having special requirement.  All Size Customized Mn-Zn Ferrite Ring Core
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